Watch one of the 10 best Hollywood teen movies to reminisce about your years in high school or to remember why you’re so very glad they’re over. From laugh out loud hilarity to downright stupidity and near-embarrassment, the 10 best Hollywood teen movies span the decades but just go to show you that your era and that of your parents’ aren’t that different after all.

  1. "Drillbit Taylor" Geeks, nerds and fat kids everywhere latched onto this teen movie starring Owen Wilson. It's about three high school guys that got fed up with getting beat up. They hire an AWOL soldier as their bodyguard, but that soldier (Wilson) has designs on their money instead.

  2. "Not Another Teen Movie" Despite the hint in the title, this really was just another teen movie. With spoofs on other movies like "Varsity Blues," "Not Another Teen Movie" takes the jock, the cheerleader and the nerd girl and gives you a predictable ending with lots of tripping stupidity along the way.

  3. "Varsity Blues" Speaking of which, "Varsity Blues" is one of those football movies you want to watch over and over, if for no other reason than to watch Scott Caan hit a guy where it hurts with a wiffle ball bat.

  4. "Breakfast Club" Okay, you knew this one was coming. No best Hollywood teen movies list is complete without a nod to the Brat Pack. Every guy wanted to be John Bender after watching it, and every girl wished her boyfriend was more like him, if only for its 85 minutes of running time.

  5. "8 Mile" This Eminem movie-mentary probably wasn’t intended for teens, but then what did Hollywood expect when they made a movie featuring every teenager’s favorite white rapper? Hey, at least we got the “Lose Yourself” hit out of the deal.

  6. "Disturbia" Shia LaBoeuf can’t stay out of trouble, no matter what movie he’s in, and "Disturbia" is no exception. But true to classic Hollywood teen movies, he steps in to save the day just in time with a little help from his almost-girlfriend and his best buddy.

  7. "Napoleon Dynamite" You’re still trying to figure out the point of "Napoleon Dynamite" but you can’t help watching it over and over again to relive all of that nerdy movie magic (ever notice how many Hollywood teen movies feature total nerds?). Not a bit of it made sense, but the stunts were unintentionally funny just the same.

  8. "School of Rock" Nothing makes you feel better about yourself than watching Jack Black strum on an air guitar and throw his fat rolls around like a total idiot. Its one redeeming quality was the soundtrack – and Joan Cusack, perhaps.

  9. "Superbad" The “R” rating tried its best to keep young teens away, but what are you going to do when a movie features Michael Cera and Jonah Hill? There was no stopping teens or adults of any age from watching this over and over in the theaters.

  10. "Into the Blue" Female teens watched it for Paul Walker and Scott Caan while male teens watched it to see Jessica Alba’s mismatched bikini and Ashley Scott’s red monokini. Oh, and there was something about searching for some lost treasure underwater, too.