If you haven’t figured out by now that the 10 best Hollywood movies 2009 aren’t necessarily the ones that critics loved the best, you’ve been away from the theaters a little too long. There’s a big difference between “audience choice” and blowhard critic’s choice when it comes to picking a movie. So here’s Hollywood’s best 2009 movies, in no particular order.

  1. "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen": Don’t lie – you know you just watched this movie to see Megan Fox running for her life from Starscream. And the only reason your girlfriend saw it in theaters with you was to see Shia LaBoeuf get a little dirty. So fair’s fair.

  2. "Avatar": The CGI for Avatar is stunning, no doubt. And if you didn’t have to listen to all that environmental drivel you would have liked it even better.

  3. "Bride Wars": Guys, this movie is a great teaching tool. You think your girlfriend’s an angel? Ask her to marry you and just watch her in action as she plans the wedding. You might start thinking that engagement ring would look better in a pawn shop display case.

  4. "Law Abiding Citizen": This was the perfect movie, right up until the end where Jamie Foxx let the bomb blow up in Gerard Butler’s cell. In what could have been one of the best Hollywood movies 2009, some director completely botched the ending. Gerard, please don't do that again.

  5. "Taken": Liam Neeson plays a very ticked off father when he hears his daughter has been kidnapped and is destined for an underground prostitution ring. The bloody, cringe-worthy stunts that follow help make "Taken" one of the best Hollywood movies 2009.

  6. "The International": What started out as a near snoozer did a 180 and became one of the best Hollywood movies 2009. Clive Owen stars alongside Naomi Watts in an effort to dig out a potential terrorist organization funding assassinations and world chaos.

  7. "Watchmen": We all know you just wanted to see "Watchmen" because of Silk Spectre, but in case you didn’t notice, there’s quite bit of bloodshed here and there, too, some even involving the use of a meat cleaver. Not only is Watchmen one of the ten best Hollywood movies 2009, it’s also one of the best superhero movies ever.

  8. "Duplicity": 2009 must have been a good year for Clive Owen. In "Duplicity" he becomes a double agent with longtime accomplice and on-and-off girlfriend, Julia Roberts. Although most viewers are still trying to figure out exactly how it ended and why, you can’t deny that the shots from Atlantis in the Bahamas are some of the best movie scenery ever.

  9. "The Proposal": In what you thought might have turned into a chick flick, Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds go face to face in a presumed engagement so Sandra isn’t shipped out of the country – and out of a job. In the end, they fall in love for real – even if there’s still a bit of a chill between them.

  10. "Public Enemies": Though not Johnny Depp’s most stellar performance, it definitely was one of his darkest. Depp plays the notorious John Dillinger alongside Marion Cotillard, whom he dubs “blackbird.” Although we were expecting a bit more action and a hair less dragging, "Public Enemies" is still a decent Hollywood 2009 movie.