The 10 best Hollywood movies 2008 are a combination of definite violence, action comedy, musicals and a long-awaited James Bond installment. 2008 was hands-down one of the best years in cinema history for new movies, as it hailed the return of many favorite super heroes.

  1. "Rambo." 20 years after the last "Rambo" flick, Sylvester Stallone proves he still has what it takes to spill the guts of multiple enemies simultaneously. Armed with a .50 caliber machine gun, bow and arrow and his signature knife, Rambo takes on a Burmese army of thugs to rescue missionaries and takes up arms with British SAS mercenaries to finish the job.      

  2. "The Dark Knight." In Heath Ledger’s last hurrah, Christian Bale fights his number one nemesis, The Joker, who is anything but a chip off the old block from Jack Nicholson’s character. The cinematography is certainly dark, but the comic relief provided by Heath Ledger’s character gives the movie a different depth than just darkness.

  3. "Iron Man." Robert Downey, Jr. impresses the snot out of his fans with his blunt humor and over the top playboy attitude. When he’s kidnapped and forced to create weapon of chaotic destruction, he somehow fights his way out and returns as an even more loveable Tony Stark.

  4. "Quantum of Solace." In perhaps one of the grittiest Bond films ever made, Daniel Craig does Britain proud in one of the best Hollywood movies 2008. Even though we were none too fond of the opera inclusion in the movie, the two Bond girls and Bond himself fight for their lives while leaving out a little bit of the signature Bond dapper.

  5. "Mamma Mia." This Abba musical was a shot in the dark at first. After all, how could Meryl Streep ever hold a candle to Abba voices? But she, Amanda Seyfried and even Pierce Brosnan somehow pull it off – if at least with some caution rather than reckless abandon – making it, too, one of the best Hollywood movies 2008.

  6. "Fool’s Gold." Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson are recently-divorced treasure hunters who somehow end up on the same yacht, owned by Donald Sutherland. Both are out to exact revenge on an island thug out to steal their findings when they realize they really do belong together after all. Or at least, they deserve each other, anyway.

  7. "Jumper." In one of the best Hollywood movies 2008, one of the ordinarily most underrated films of all time takes us on a XMen-esque ride through teleportation. Hayden Christensen and Jamie Bell are two teleporters who join forces, more or less, to thwart the plot of the paladin team whose sole mission of the centuries is to kill them.

  8. "Drillbit Taylor." Owen Wilson is an AWOL soldier who signs up as a bodyguard for three geeks at high school. But instead of defending them to the best of his abilities, he sleeps on the job and flirts with a teacher, only to show his true colors and save the day when the boys need him the most.

  9. "Defiance." Daniel Craig and Liev Shrieber are Jewish brothers who risk their lives in the wilderness and help their whole clan survive a harsh winter in the Hinterlands. They fight Germans, take sides with Russians and defeat multiple murder attempts on their way to safety.

  10. "Rocknrolla." Undoubtedly one of the best Hollywood movies 2008, Gerard Butler, Tom Wilkinson and Thandie Newton play with and against each other in a struggle for power and money. When an alive-again, dead-again rock and roll star throws a wrench in their plans, they’re all gunning for the same guy.