Some of the 10 best Hollywood movies 2007 are the biggest action thrillers of all time, and the “number three in a series” in many cases. And surprisingly, there’s even an animated film thrown in here and there. After all, who can resist a little crude humor from a presumably enchanted fairy tale being? No matter what the CGI is used for, 2007 was a great year for over the top violence and shrieking hilarity.

  1. "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End": Keira Knightley and Johnny Depp returned in the high-grossing (and certainly lengthiest) third installment of Disney’s series. The mumbling, rum-loving pirate sold his soul to the Kraken in the last film, which angered his best buds, but not so much that they refused help from his former voodoo love.

  2. "Shrek the Third": Also the last in a series of three, Shrek is back as the king of Ever After. After finding out the job’s not as swell as he thought it’d be, he tries to pawn the job off on the rightful heir to the throne, Justin Timberlake’s princely character. Shrek and Fiona make this adventure one of the best Hollywood movies 2007.

  3. "National Treasure: Book of Secrets": Nicolas Cage should have made back some of that money that he sunk in that castle of his with this sequel to the original National Treasure. This time, Ed Harris smears Nic Cage’s family name in hopes that Cage in his anger will lead them to a lost city of treasure.

  4. "300": Gerard Butler is the warrior King Leonidas, also known as the leader of the Spartans, in a far-fetched but action packed tale of the fight against King Xerxes of Persia. If you ever wondered how the quote, “This is Sparta!” reached such popularity, now you know.

  5. "Music and Lyrics": Hugh Grant is at his funniest in this romantic comedy with Drew Barrymore. The second most popular star in the world hires Grant, an 80’s has-been, to write her a new song. Drew is the only one that can come up with any lyrics worth repeating, but she has to get out of her “I’m the new plant keeper” stage to complete the job.

  6. "Shooter": As undeniably one of the best Hollywood movies 2007, Shooter introduces us to Mark Wahlberg’s character, a former gunnery sergeant, who is enlisted to prevent an assassination that is ultimately and unfairly blamed on him. He leaves no loose ends as he travels across the country to slay anyone responsible for his betrayal.

  7. "Disturbia": Just when you thought "Disturbia" wasn’t going anywhere any more than Shia LaBoeuf was going to leave his yard with his probation anklet, things got nasty. David Morse plays a psycho maniac who loves keeping dead women in his basement. It takes Shia and a couple of friends to prove that he’s the murderer wanted for the crimes.

  8. "Sweeney Todd": If "Disturbia" didn’t offer enough bloodshed, Sweeney Todd certainly did. A ghostly pale Johnny Depp stars alongside an equally ghostly Helena Bonham Carter in a Tim Burton musical about a wronged barber and a corrupt judge. And yes, there will be blood.

  9. "Live Free or Die Hard": Once you get to the fourth installment of a series, fans begin to wonder if it’s worth their time. Bruce Willis proves it is when he hauls in a young hacker accused of shutting down security databases belonging to a US security agency. Together, the two of them beat up the bad guys and do some more hacking damage until the authorities finally apprehend the right people.

  10. "The Bourne Ultimatum": One of the best Hollywood movies 2007 is Jason Bourne’s last hurrah. Matt Damon is bulkier than ever, and this time, he wants his life back (what spy doesn’t?). But he’s not going anywhere if his former superiors have their way, so Damon has to fight his way back into the system and kill off anyone in who gets in his way.