The 10 best Hollywood movie sex scenes 2010 have encouraged many viewers to flock to the movie theaters. The films below contain love scenes that are funny, romantic, and even awkward. Whether they turn you on or make you uncomfortable, the following 2010 sex scenes are all pretty unforgettable.

  1. “Black Swan Natalie Portman is snatching up awards for her riveting performance as a ballerina gone mad. What has men rushing to the theaters, however, is not the dancing, but rather the sex scene between Portman and co-star Mila Kunis. They share a carnal, sexy romp in this best Hollywood movie sex scene from 2010.

  2. “Love and Other Drugs” This movie pairs Anne Hathaway with Jake Gyllenhaal. They play an unlikely couple who find their casual affair turning into much more. Along the way, they get naked quite a lot and star in the some of the best Hollywood movie scenes of 2010.

  3. “Chloe” Amanda Seyfried sizzles on screen as a call girl sent by a wife to seduce her husband. Things turn deadly very quickly, and Seyfried sheds all of her clothes while appearing in a hot Hollywood movie sex scene.

  4. “Get Him to the Greek” Russell Brand plays an unreformed alcoholic rock star who risks missing his performance at the Greek Theater. Jonas Hill tries to keep him on track but is foiled by a number of events, including an unforeseen threesome. In this awkward and very funny Hollywood movie sex scene, Jonas Hill, Russell Brand, and Elizabeth Moss all attempt to get it on.

  5.  “I Am Love” This film is a beautiful Italian movie about one wealthy family’s slow self-destruction. Tilda Swinton plays the matriarch and engages in an illicit affair with a much younger man. They share extremely intimate moments in some of the best Hollywood movie sex scenes of 2010.

  6. “Greenberg” Another film that fits into the awkward category, “Greenberg” contains a very memorable sex scene between Ben Stiller and Greta Gerwig. Stiller attempts to pleasure Gerwig, but all fails.

  7. “The American” In this brooding thriller, George Clooney plays an American agent with enemies after him in Europe. Along his journey, he starts up a very charged affair with a foreign prostitute. These make for some of the best Hollywood sex scenes from 2010.

  8. “Hot Tub Time Machine” This raunchy comedy from 2010 was a small film that blew up in popularity upon its release. The movie contains a hilarious Hollywood movie sex scene, one in which the whole outcome of the movie ends up hinging on.

  9. “Machete” In this ridiculous action mash-up, Robert Rodriguez directs a film about a Mexican warrior who goes on a killing rampage to protect the lives of those around him. He encounters a lot of naked women along the way, including a topless Lindsay Lohan. His tryst with her and her own screen mother make for a best Hollywood sex scene from 2010.

  10. “Blue Valentine” This heart-wrenching 2010 film stars Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling. They play a couple who attempt to salvage their marriage to little effect. They share both romantic and tragic sex scenes throughout the movie.