10 Best Hollywood Movie Sex Scene

Thursday, November 18 by Greg Hawood
  • "Secretary." Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Spader sound like unlikely bed fellows, but they certainly now how to spice up a Hollywood sex scene. Maggie is not the most voluptuous movie star or the prettiest, but she was incredibly saucy as a kinky secretary and lucky old Spade was on the receiving end. 
  • "9 1/2 Weeks." Kim Basinger was one of the hottest Hollywood movie stars of the 80's so it was only fitting that she helped launch the 90's with this sex filled picture. Kim wasn't just melting ice cubes when she frolicked naked with Mickey Rourke, she was also melting men's hearts everywhere. 
  • "Little Children." She may have been cast as a dowdy housewife but Kate Winslet is Kate Winslet, and she never keeps her clothes on for long. In this movie she got rained on and decided to dry off by having sex while seated on a dryer.  
  • "Atonement." An utterly tedious film came to life when James McAvoy leads Kiera Knightley into the library and gave her a lesson in the art of love making. The tall and slender Knightley stole the scene and the clever use of shadows and dim lighting left the viewers craving more in this Hollywood movie sex scene.
  • "Mulholland Drive." Naomi Watts, is Australia's answer to Kate Winslet. She always seems to get naked in movies, which is why she is featured in so many Hollywood sex scenes. This one is among her best because it features her and another woman. 
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