10 Best Hollywood Movie Sex Scene

Thursday, November 18 by Greg Hawood

Many of the ten best Hollywood movie sex scenes occur in otherwise dull films, making you wonder if the director decided to throw in some rampant sex just to boost ticket sales. If they used sex to sell the films it worked, because people love to watch Hollywood movies featuring scantily clad women. There are lots of movies with sex scenes but the best Hollywood movie, love making scenes feature excessive breast shots and focus on the woman.

  1. "Unfaithful." This is the kind of movie that drives rational husbands to paranoia. Diane Lane, who seems to get hotter with age, plays a sex starved housewife who decides to start banging a book reading fanatic. The guy is not worth a mention, but the site of nude Diane Lane makes the sex scenes in this movie rank among the best in Hollywood history. 
  2. "Basic Instinct." Sharon Stone has her critics, but none of them have ever criticized her ability to look sultry in Hollywood sex scenes. Right from the outset, Stone bares her wares and lucky old Michael Douglas gets an eyeful. No one wonder he became a sex addict.
  3. "A History of Violence." Anyone who enjoyed watching Viggo Mortensen searching for a ring with some Hobbits will be surprised to see him embark on some less noble quests in this violent and explicit movie. Despite unnecessary shots of Viggo walking round naked, the movie does provide some enjoyable moments including a very graphic 69 style sex scene. 
  4. "Monster's Ball." There was a time, not so long ago, when Halle Berry shied away from nudity. This film proved that her prudish days are behind her. The director allows viewers to marvel at Halle's perfect figure from all kinds of angles as Billy Bob Thornton pleasures her in one of the best Hollywood sex scenes of all time. 
  5. "Wild Things." Sometimes a regular old movie sex scene is not enough and you have to throw in an extra girl just to push it over the edge. When the extra girl is a young Denise Richards, you are in Hollywood heaven. Just a shame they had to include Matt Dillon
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