If you're trying to find the 10 best holiday movies out there, then you may be pleased to enjoy the holiday season with this batch of holiday movies. How do you like to spend the holidays? Home alone with McCaulay Culkin? With trouble-making creatures like the Gremlins? How about Scrooge or two wise-cracking Los Angeles detectives? These holiday movies offer a wide variety of ways to spend your Christmas, be it action-packed or nice and quiet.

  1. "Home Alone." What could possibly more exciting and original than a holiday film that uses Christmas as a background, a setting for the story and nothing more? Just like with "Die Hard," That's what you get with "Home Alone." This film is perhaps one of the best holiday movies of all time, plain and simple.

  2. "Mixed Nuts." This holiday movie is certainly one bag full of interesting presents -- a strangler on the loose, a suicide prevention hotline pending eviction, a pregnant woman with an insane husband, a transvestite, a clueless songwriter, and an overbearing neighbor all make up this comedic holiday movie.

  3. "Gremlins." What would make a better Christmas gift than a mogwai like Gizmo himself? Of course, you better be prepared for all the hassles that come with caring for him, like his evil 'Gremlin' counterparts. "Gremlins" is one of the best holiday movies ever made, complete with terror and the holiday spirit.

  4. "Die Hard." This holiday movie is a fun action flick that uses Christmas as the setting and tone of the movie whereas the plot focuses on a lone cop trapped in a skyscraper that has bee taken over by a dozen terrorists. Couple that with witty dialogue, interesting characters, and some cool action sequences.

  5. "Scrooged." Nobody can deny that this is one of the best holiday movies ever made. Bill Murray plays the titular role in this comedic modern day retelling of the classic 'Scrooge' tale. Bill Murray plays a television CEO big-shot who is visited by three ghosts on Christmas Eve. Filled with all-stars and many laughs.

  6. "Batman Returns." The holiday season plays a huge role in the themes of this 'Batman' sequel. Set during Christmas, Michael Keaton returns at the dark knight to face The Penguin and Catwoman this time around. Call it a weird and odd choice for a holiday movie if you will, but that's the greatness of Tim Burton.

  7. "The Long Kiss Goodnight." If there's one thing noticeable in cinematic history, it's the fact that action movies favor the holiday season as a setting quite often. This holiday movie benefits from Renny Harlin's action packed direction, Shane Black's witty screenwriting, and entertaining performances by Geena Davis and Samuel L. Jackson.

  8. "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation." The Griswold family celebrates the Christmas season this time around in the third National Lampoon 'Vacation' outing. Naturally, they're planning for a peaceful and joyful holiday but do things ever go as planned when it comes to the Griswold family and vacations?

  9. "Letha Weapon." Just like "Die Hard" and "The Long Kiss Goodnight," "Lethal Weapon" is a holiday movie that sees Mel Gibson and Danny Glover spending their Christmas with explosions, bad guys, gunfights, bullets, and plenty of wise-cracking jokes (courtesy of screenwriter Shane Black).

  10. "Ernest Saves Christmas." Jim Varney returns as the comedic and goofy Ernest P. Worrell in "Ernest Saves Christmas," a hilarious holiday movie that sees the Ernest character assisting Santa Claus himself by returning his sack which was left behind in his very own taxi.