These 10 best Hindi romantic movies are all exceptional films with great plots and romance scenes. The films are quite moving and should be definitely be added to your list of movies to watch. Definitely consider these if you want the best of Bollywood's romance films.

  1. "My Name is Khan": This Hindi love story tells the story of a woman who cannot deal with the post 9/11 harassment and endangered lives of Indian immigrants in America, thus separating from her husband. To prove his love to her and secure their safety in America, autistic Khan ventures to tell both President George Bush and subsequently President Barak Obama that his name is Khan and he is not a terrorist. Before finishing his venture, his wife returns to him just before he is stabbed, receiving a nearly fatal wound.

  2. "I Hate Luv Storys": This film shows a complicated love triangle amongst a woman, her childhood sweetheart, and a man she falls in love with. The romance in this film is pure, and the plot line is unique and interesting. You'll find yourself truly loving this great Hindi romantic film.

  3. "Love Aaj Kal": This film explores the story of a couple that mutually breaks up when careers beckon them to different parts of the world. Thinking they no longer have feelings for one another after the break up, the film shows how true love does not end. It is a beautiful romantic film that explores the idea of true love and soulmates.

  4. "Ghajini": This is a truly unique action-thriller romance film. A business man develops amnesia after his love is killed. The film follows a violent romantic trajectory of a man who seeks revenge. It truly is a great film with a unique take on romance and love.

  5. "Singh is Kinng": Happy Singh is a villager who goes through a series of adventures to eventually become king of the underworld. On the way he falls in love with Sonia, the daughter of an elderly lady. This complicated love story makes for an exceptional Hindi romance film.

  6. "Om Shanti Om": An actor murdered in the 1970's is reincarnated, leading him to seek the love of his previous life. The romantic trajectory of the reincarnated character leads to an exciting and love-filled story. It truly is one of the greatest Hindi films of all times.

  7. "Krrish": This film tells the story of Krishna, who inherits the superhuman abilities of his father. He falls in love with Priya and follows her to Singapore. The film shows a romance budding amidst a superhero with a secret identity. The action-filled film makes for a truly great Hindi romance movie.

  8. "Fanaa": A blind Kashmiri girl falls in love with a flirting tour guide while visiting Delhi with her parents. Just as she is to start her life with him and surgically reverses her blindness, he is captured by terrorist. The film explores the struggle for the two to be together in a captivating romantic film.

  9. "KANK": Filmed in New York, this Hindi movie, fully titled "Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna", explores the themes of adultery and romance in a captivating story. A football player becomes handicapped and dependent on his wife who has an affair. Amongst turmoil, true romance and love is explored while loveless marriages stand in the way.

  10. "No Entry": This film explores the issues of adultery, trust, and betrayal entangled amongst romance. A number of relationships are explored, each having a series of underlying deceptions. The film has a unique and honest approach to investigating romance.