The list of the 10 best highest grossing movies of all time includes some of the greatest films ever made. Due to rising ticket prices and larger markets, this list is largely dominated by movies made since the 1990s. In addition, it is dotted with “family friendly” films that parents take kids to enjoy. Even so, this films on this list are very respectable and very entertaining.

  1. “Star Wars.” Certainly one of the best highest grossing movies ever, this George Lucas classic changed the way Hollywood works, ushering in the importance of the “blockbuster.” The start of a six-movie franchise that has entered the public consciousness, the film is iconic.

  2. “Jurassic Park.” This Steven Spielberg dinosaur flick is one of the best highest grossing movies ever. Released in the early 1990s, the film took computer graphics and dinosaur realism to new heights. Nearly twenty years later, the movie still stands the test of time.

  3. “Independence Day.” This mega blockbuster from 1996 stars Will Smith as an alien-fighting pilot. After a world-wide invasion, nations join together in an attempt to stop a seemingl unstoppable foe.

  4. “Forest Gump.” Tom Hanks stars in this sweet and lovable film, one of the best highest grossing movies ever. Forest Gump is a mentally slow man who happens into a number of remarkable situations in life, eventually leading to fame and fortune, while love eludes him. It was nominated for thirteen Oscars, of which Hanks won one, for best actor.

  5. “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.” This Disney film launched the normally moody and distant Johnny Depp on to be a major star for a whole new generation. Based on the famous ride in the Disney parks, the movie is a fantastical journey with great acting and great special effects.

  6. “The Sixth Sense.” Director M. Night Shyamalan rose to prominence with this movie, one of the best highest grossing movies ever. Bruce Willis stars as a shrink who deals with kids, and in the film he is working with one who claims to be able to see and talk to dead people. You probably know this by now, but there’s a surprise twist at the end!

  7. “Titanic.” James Cameron gained attention by making a fastidiously accurate movie, with a massive replica of the famed, doomed boat. Launching Leonardo DiCaprio into superstardom, this film, one of the best highest grossing movies, was in fact the highest grossing movie until being passed by (Cameron’s) "Avatar" in 2009.

  8. “The Lion King.” This film was part of Disney’s resurgence to the top of animation in the early 1990s. A riveting story about a young lion whose father is murdered by a treacherous uncle, the movie spawned a popular Broadway show, two sequels, and millions upon millions of merchandise sales.

  9. “Spider Man.” Tobey Maguire was oddly cast to play this comic book hero. The film had a huge budget, but more than made it up for it with its box office haul. Full of over-the-top characters and great special effects, the film is a delight for all.

  10. “The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King.” This is the final film in the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, essentially one long movie broken into three sections. The movie was nominated for eleven Oscars and won every single one of them on the way to making over $1 billion.