The 10 bes high school movies do a great job of examining the issues a kid faces during maturation. High school is a tough time for everybody, and there is typically a lot of angst. For this reason, a fair number of these movies are dramas. There are also a lot of funny moments during high school, so many of these are comedies.

  1. “The Breakfast Club” is easily the king among the best high school movies. It’s kind of a mix between comedy and drama, and it deals with a bunch of kids dealing with weekend detention together.

  2. “Ferris Bueller’s Day off” is one of the most amusing comedy high school movies. It’s about a kid skipping school and all the adventures he gets into. The way the film ends up is somewhat profound.

  3. “Grease” is probably the best of the high school movies that’s also a musical. This deals with teen romance during the 1950s, and it has tons of great songs.

  4. “American Pie” is the king of the gross-out high school movies about sex. The movie is so outrageous that it will have you cracking up constantly.

  5. Heathers” is one of the wildest and most outrageous high school movies. It stars Christian Slater as a crazy young anarchist who tries to woo Winona Ryder.

  6. “She’s All That” is one of the most underrated high school movies ever made. It’s a romance about a bet where a boy tries to turn a misfit girl into a popular girl.

  7. “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” is a classic high school teen sex comedy. It mostly tries for the most humor possible, but there are some serious messages about teen responsibility under the surface.

  8. “Pretty in Pink” is a very enjoyable drama that’s easily one of the most thoughtful high school movies. It stars Molly Ringwald as a poor teen who falls for one of the rich kids, and the difficulties in their relationship.

  9. “Risky Business” is one of the most risqué high school movies. It stars a young Tom Cruise as a teenage boy who starts his own prostitution business.

  10. “Mean Girls” is one of the great high school movies about the shallowness of teenagers. It deals with the pressures girls face trying to fit in with the “in” crowd.