The 10 Best Hidden Movie Secrets are sometimes funny and often quirky. These features range from advertising subtly placed to references to other films. Take a look and see if you recognize these often missed features.

  1. Pizza Planet Truck. One hidden movie secret that children might recognize long before their adult counterparts is the Pizza Planet Truck. This truck is used in every single Pixar movie release, but is not mentioned or given any attention in the majority of the flicks.

  2. Ghost in the Window. A hidden movie secret that rocked the online world was a supposed ghost appearing in a window during the movie "Three Men and a Baby". The truth revealed that the "ghost" was actually a cardboard cut-out of actor Ted Danson, placed on set as a joke.

  3. The Hanging Munchkin. A legendary hidden movie secret occurs in the classic "The Wizard of Oz". Over the years, viewers have mistaken a loose boom crane arm as a Munchkin committing suicide.

  4. "All Good Girls Take Their Clothes Off". The controversial hidden movie secret from the movie "Aladdin" had parents in an uproar. The phrase has never been official explained by the studio.

  5. The Dark Side of the Moon. A questionable hidden movie secret is the idea that the album "Dark Side of the Moon" by rock band Pink Floyd. Thousands of fans of the band believe it to be some great connection, but the fact is the running time is simply the same.

  6. "The Lion King" Controversy. A hidden movie secret that aroused tempers of parents occurs when dissipating clouds supposedly reveal the word "sex" . Disney claims it is a complete coincidence.

  7. "The Little Mermaid" video cover. Another hidden movie secret that had Disney in a bind was the controversial video cover for the movie "The Little Mermaid". A fully erect penis appears to be part of the castle. Supposedly, a disgruntled employee was responsible.

  8. Song in reverse. A crazy hidden movie secret comes from the film "Eyes Wide Open". If you play the strange ballroom song backwards, you hear an Eastern European prayer song.

  9. It's Hitchcock himself. A fun hidden movie secret is the fact that director Alfred Hitchcock appeared in every one of his own films. Typically, as in the movie "The Birds" he plays a passerby or person in the crowd.

  10. Author appearance. A final hidden movie secret is from the movie "The Outsiders". The author of the book appears as the hospital nurse announcing that Johnny's mother is there to visit him in the hospital.