The 10 best guy movies of all time have everything a guy wants to see in a film. If the movie has women, explosions and violence, it is a great guy movie. Consider this list of the best guy movies of all time a shopping list for your friend's next birthday.

  1. "Die Hard" (1988) This entry on the list of best guy movies of all time lacks the necessary hot women, but it more than makes up for it with explosions and violence. Watching the bad guys get slowly picked off one by one makes for an awesome guy movie.

  2. "The Transporter 2" (2005) Car chases, butt kicking and explosions make this an awesome member of the list of the best guy movies of all time. Jason Statham's stone cold demeanor and one-liners make this a guy movie to remember.

  3. "True Lies" (1994) Jamie Lee Curtis was at her peak in this action-adventure guy flick and she adds plenty of the female touch to this great movie. There isn't a guy on the planet that can watch this movie without fast forwarding a little bit to the Jamie Lee bedroom scene.

  4. "Octopussy" (1983) Of all the James Bond movies, this one fits the criteria for the best guy movies of all time the best. It is loaded with hot women, car chases, gadgets and enough explosions to make a guy want to cry.

  5. "Bachelor Party" (1984) Tom Hanks does not strike anyone as the kind of actor to star in one of the best guy movies of all time, but he did. This is a movie that most women despise but every guy uses as a blueprint on throwing the best possible bachelor party.

  6. "Patton" (1970) In order to qualify as a great guy movie, a film needs to be entertaining and hated by women. This Academy Award-winning movie is one of the greatest war movies ever made and guys will proudly lay claim to it as the quintessential guy flick.

  7. "Monster's Ball" (2001) In order to understand what makes a great guy movie, you have to think like a guy. This movie has extended scenes of Halle Berry naked in it. That makes it one of the 10 best guy movies of all time.

  8. "The Expendables" (2010). Every action hero that made their mark in the 1980's or 1990's is in this movie. It has explosions, war scenes, car chases and even a few hot women in it. The perfect mix.

  9. "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" (1975) This is one comedy that guys can claim as their own and women will give no argument. One of the funniest movies ever made and definitely one of the best guy movies of all time.

  10. "Porky's" (1982) This movie has it all. Naked women, sexually charged humor, explosions and car chases. This could very well be the perfect guy movie.