Here you are fellow cineastes, the ten best Greek Movies of the 80’s decade. This list might not be a standard for everyone, especially for those who love movies and are always looking for a debate about the best foreign films. This list will give you an edge.

  1. "Landscape in the Mist". This drama might be, by far, the most notabl Greek 80’s film. The plot involves two children, Voula and Alexandre, who travel to Germany looking for their father. This Angelopoulos's masterpiece is really worth the four awards it won, including the 1989 “Best European Film” award.

  2. "Rembetiko". A musical drama, this film is set in the first half of the 20th century (1910-1950) and is based on a true story. It depicts the tragic life of Marika Ninou, a popular singer who achieves success in Rembetiko, which is a type of Greek folk music. The film won several awards, including a Silver Bear at the 34th Berlin International Film Festival, in 1984.

  3. "The Beekeper". Another one of Angelopoulos's films, this drama has many reasons to be in this list. A retired school teacher decides to take a journey as a beekeeper with his colony, without thinking about all the events he will experience later, including the appearance of a girl who becomes emotionally involved with him.

  4. "Loafing and Camouflage". This comedy is considered by many as the best Greek film in many years; more precisely, it’s regarded as a cult classic film. The film depicts a group of soldiers who start working at the newly established TV station for the army, in the middle of the settlement of a new military regime, aiming to spread its influence through media.

  5. "Morning Patrol".  In a post-apocalyptic scenario, there's a woman survivor in the middle of a devastated city. When she finds another survivor, she realizes he's a member of a technological patrol force in charge of keeping order in the city. This film fulfills the true meaning of a sci-fi movie; that’s the main reason why it should be considered in the list of greatest Greek movies.

  6. "Mania". This adventure film is full of mysticism, fantasy, and realism at the same time. The main character, Zoi, is married and has two children. Her life couldn’t be better; she’s got an important job at a big company and her future seems to be bright. However, she would have never thought about how powerful nature forces are.

  7. "Sweet Bunch". A notable crime thriller, this movie will surely make you have a nice time while watching it. It’s full of risky situations, bravery, loyalty, a colorful atmosphere, and some other elements that will definitely catch your attention if you’re one of those who like to see criminal mobs fighting against law and trying to survive in the big city.

  8. "Alaloum". Harry Klynn, a widely recognized comedian in Greece, portrays three different characters, one per sketch, and goes making fun of Greek folklore. A strongly recommended film if you want to laugh out loud.

  9. "El Dorado". The title describes perfectly what this film is all about: a dream that seems to be far away from us, but we keep fighting against reality to chase it, to defeat the flow of time, to keep walking, to keep on living. Poetic films have a special place, so take your time to look at this one.

  10. "The Photograph". Here you have a social drama involving two main characters; the hero and the antihero. One of them, an ex-member of the army, gets to find a distant relative and travel to a foreign land, while the other one keeps dreaming of a future life that seems so distant from him. A number of lies trigger this social tragedy that takes place in the years of a military regime in Greece.