If you love movies, be sure to check out the 10 best German movies the next time you're pursuing the offerings at the video store or picking a movie from your online queue. German movies have include love, intrigue, horror and social commentary. Even if you've never studied German, you'll find the best German movies enjoyable.

  1. "Wings of Desire" Wim Wender's 1987 film tells the story of an angel who longs to be human after he falls in love with a woman. If it sounds familiar, that's because this German movie was transformed into an American film starring Nicholas Cage and Meg Ryan in 1998. "Wings of Desire" was nominated for fifteen awards, including the BAFTA, when it was released.

  2. "The Tin Drum" Based on the novel by Gunter Grass, this 1979 German movie is the story of a young boy who sees the tragedy of World War II for what it is even though he is ignored by the adults around him. It won the 1980 Oscar for best foreign language film.

  3. "Metropolis" Fritz Lang's 1927 masterpiece is set sometime in the future where workers are trapped underground while the rich play above them. Now considered one of the best German movies ever made, "Metropolis" was met with scorn when first released. A newly re-cut version of the film surfaced in 2010, allowing audiences to see Lang's real vision for the first time.

  4. "Goodbye Lenin!" A young man tries to protect his mother by pretending that the Berlin Wall never fell in this heartwarming German movie. The movie won the 2004 Cesar for Best European Union film and was nominated for the Golden Globe, BAFTA and European Film Awards.

  5. "The Lives of Others" This 2006 German movie took home the Oscar for Best Foreign Film as well as BAFTA, Cesar and German Film Awards. Critics praised the film and called it "unmissable" and "a terrific tale."

  6. "The Blue Angel" This German movie is one of the first to feature sound. It featured Marlene Dietrich in her first major role as Lola Lola, the singer with whom the film's lead falls in love with.

  7. "The Marriage of Maria Braun" Maria Braun is married to a solide fighting in the Second World War in this German film that strives to show the grittiness of life in a post-war world. It was nominated for a 1980 Golden Globe.

  8. "The Mystery of Kaspar Hauser" Based on a true story, this film from Werner Herzog tells the story of a changeling boy who mysteriously appeared on the streets of Nuremberg in 1828. The movie won the 1975 Grand Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival.

  9. "Run, Lola, Run" Featuring loud techno music and three alternative story lines, this 1998 German film has the jumpy feel of a music video in an engaging story. Lola needs to come up with a significant amount of money to her boyfriend before he robs a store. The film won the German Film Critics Award for best film in 1999.

  10. "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari" Made in 1931, this film may be one of the most influential of all German movies made. Its creepy plot still inspires horror filmmakers today.