Everyone would do wise to watch the 10 best gay movies of recent years. Understanding and compassion are key to communities learning to live in peace with each other. Movies are capable of bring people together in amazing ways so what better than to watch these ten films:

  1. “Brokeback Mountain”(2005).This is probably the most mainstream gay movie made to date. It stars two huge movie stars: Jake Gyllenhall and Heath Ledger. Both generally considered handsome men, the characters fall hard for each other in this movie. The way these men go at each other in this movie required some serious acting.

  2. “God’s and Monsters”(1998). This movie is based on the life of James Whale, director of the classic “Frankenstein” movie. A quaint little drama this movie is subtle in its handling of Whale’s homosexuality and treads even lighter when dealing with the subject of his affair with his yard man.

  3. “Milk”(2008). Sean Penn is one of the best actors of his time and turned in a masterful performance as San Francisco politician, Harvey Milk. The character’s pursuit of politics is in direct parallel to his personal perception of his sexuality.

  4. “Shelter”(2007). This tale about a young gay man trying to find his place in the world is one of the most honest depictions of the homosexual lifestyle yet.  Focusing on personal and familial acceptance it begs the question of what unconditional love really is.

  5. “Six Degree’s of Separation”(1993). One of the world’s biggest movie stars proved he had serious acting chops with this role. A very gay Will Smith character gets caught in bed with another guy and leaves the rest of  us to wonder what he was doing on the bottom. 

  6. “The Crying Game”(1992). The twist at the end of this movie had everyone talking. Even domestic terrorists and hit aren’t immune to the enchantments of a beautiful girl… Or boy. Since it’s likely that most people have seen the movie by now its safe to say that the hot girl the main character falls for has a lot more to offer than most girls.

  7. “Soldier’s Girl”(2003). This made for TV movie is tender in its portrayal of a pre-op transgender woman who falls in love with a soldier. He questions his sexuality but realizes that true love is about more than physicality

  8. “My Own Private Idaho”(2005). Keanu Reeves and River Phoenix manage their way through this meandering tale. Childhood friends, Phoenix’s character grapples with feeling of unrequited love toward Reeves. The matter only gets more complicated once a girl enters the picture.

  9. “Chuck and Buck”(2000) This gay themed movie takes a comedic look at the twists and turns life takes. Two childhood friends grow up and lead very separate homosexual lives. One plays the comical, yet stereotypical caricature, while the other is a presumably “straight” guy that is really gay.

  10. “Boys Don’t Cry”(1999). This movie is based on the true-life story of Brandon Teena, a female to male transgender youth who was murdered in NebraskaHilary Swank turns in an amazing performance as Teena.