Want to know the ten best films about social media? Have there even been ten films about social media? Sure, it’s what everyone is talking about, but it’s not something many people have a grasp of. However, it’s there and has been there, intersecting popular culture for longer than most people realize. While Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube get the lion’s share of attention these days these sites only touches the surface of what social media really is. Social media includes virtual worlds, blogging, email, social engineering, "crowdsourcing" and pretty much any other way people communicate with each other. Here are some examples of the films which have covered these social media topics.  

  1. "The Social Network" (social networking). No list chronicling films about social media would be complete without including Aaron Sorkin’s award-winning script. Based in large part on the numerous lawsuits between Mark Zuckerberg his ex business partners, the somewhat disjointed story about who created Facebook and how it became so popular.

  2. "Hackers" (computer hacking). One of Angelina Jolie’s first films, this movie is about the early world of hacking. However, many critics slammed it for not depicting the "real world" of the computer hacking community.

  3. "State of Play" (blogging). This Russell Crowe and Rachel McAdams film depicts aspects of social media by showing the very real world tension between a traditional reporter and a news blogger as they team up to investigate a political murder. 

  4. "Julie and Julia" (blogging). Would you believe it’s both a film about social media and a chick flick? It chronicles the real story of author Julie Powell as she starts a blog in 2002 which tells of her experiences of spending a year cooking every recipe in a book originally written by the great Julia Child decades earlier.

  5. "Tron" (virtual worlds). “Tron" is the story of a man who gets way too close to the world he’s created and winds up living in it. The movie inspired stories about virtual worlds for years.

  6. "Tron: Legacy" (virtual worlds). Disney went back nearly, 30 years later,  to update the film about social media and tell the story of the life forms that had been created inside this virtual world.

  7. "You’ve Got Mail" (email). This film about social media reunites romantic comedy superstars Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks in a tale about finding love over the internet. 

  8. "Inception" (virtual/dream worlds). Director Christopher Nolan followed up the most successful superhero movie ever made (“The Dark Knight”) with this film that gives “The Matrix” a run for its money. It tells the story of a man who can invade a virtual reality created not by machine, but rather by the mind of his victims.

  9. "We Live In Public" (social sharing). The only documentary film about social media on the list, it tells the story of one of the most influential figures in the online world, Josh Harris. Harris and his crew took nearly ten years to make this film which tells the story about his early attempts to prove that people will willingly give up their privacy in order to share their lives over the internet.

  10. "The Matrix" (virtual worlds). This is the film about social media that turned everything on its head. A mix of cyberpunk fiction, philosophy, chop-socky action and revolutionary special effects, “The Matrix” is still the standard that technological sci-fi action films are based on.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Mark Dodson