If you enjoy movies with dogs in them then you might want to learn about the 10 best films about dogs. Many you may be familiar with but who knows, there may be one on the list that you haven't seen yet. Here is the list to learn about 10 best films about dogs.

  1. "Benji." Who can forget about the movie that kind of started it all? Sure, there was "Lassie" back in the day but this film was memorable with its sequels and unique plot. It was released in 1974 and was about a stray dog that saves two children that have been kidnapped.

  2. "Marley and Me." This film was based on the hugely successful book by John Grogan and is about the world's worst dog. At least, that's how it starts out. It starred Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston and was a real tear jerker.

  3. "You Lucky Dog." This was a television movie starring Harry Hamlin and Natasha Henstridge about a dog that might just bring a family together after doing more than anyone expected of him. It aired in 2010.

  4. "101 Dalmations." This slapstick comedy was released in 1996 and starred Glen Close and Jeff Daniels. There have been many other versions; from animated to live action.

  5. "Eight Below." This film was released in 2006 and starred Paul Walker as an Antarctic explorer. The dogs are left behind after a huge storm and must survive by any means possible. It's a bittersweet movie and showcases the beauty of Antarctica.

  6. "My Dog Skip." Released in 2000, this film tells the story of a boy growing up in Mississippi in the 1940's. His dog Skip helps him overcome his shyness and life in general. It starred Diane Lane, Kevin Bacon and Frankie Munez.

  7. "Snow Dogs." Starring Cuba Gooding Jr and released in 2002, this film showcases a dentist from Miami that inherits a team of sled dogs. Will he learn to adapt to this kind of lifestyle?

  8. "Turner and Hooch." This film has Tom Hanks in it and was released in 1989. It is about a detective that adopts a man's dog to find out who killed the owner. It also starred Craig T. Nelson and Mare Winningham.

  9. "Scooby Doo." There have been tons of "Scooby Doo" movies released but this is the first live action movie featuring the franchise. The gang has to solve another mystery after break up between them all. It starred Sarah Michelle Geller and was released to audiences in 2002.

  10. "K-9." This movie starred Jim Belushi and was released in 1989. It was about a detective who has to enlist help from a very intelligent police partner, a German Shepherd.

Now you can learn about 10 best films about dogs and catch up on any you may have missed. There are many movies with dogs in them but these are all about dogs and in these movies, the dog is the true star.