What are the 10 best films about artists? There are a lot of movies about artists to choose from. From well known painters, to the greatest musicians, there are literally hundreds to watch. But, which ones are the best films about artists? Here they are, the best films about artists. Some will inspire, some will open your eyes, but all of them rock.

  1. “My Left Foot” (1989). This is easily one of the best films about artists out there. It chronicles the life of one Christy Brown. This guy was born with cerebral palsy. He only had control over one foot. Despite this limitation, he managed to become a great artist and accomplished writer. An inspiring film.

  2. “Basquiat” (1996). Those of you into graffiti art will love this film. It’s about Jean-Michel Basquiat’s rise to fame as one of the greatest graffiti artists in the game. It was directed by a friend of Basquiat, Julian Schnabel. It’s definitely one of the best films about artists. It’s gritty and real, and definitely worth your time.

  3. “Frida” (2002). Just as the title suggests. It’s about the life and times of acclaimed painter Frida Kahlo. Even if you’ve never heard of this amazing painter, the movie’s worth seeing simply because Salma Hayek plays Frida. Oh and Frida was a very sexually free individual. Check it out.

  4. “Pollock” (2000). Everyone knows that Ed Harris is a great actor. His range is unbelievable. In “Pollock” he doesn’t play  Jackson Pollock, he is Jackson Pollock. And we can’t forget about Marcia Gay Harden, who played his wife. She actually won an Academy Award for the role of Pollock’s wife.

  5. “Vincent and Theo” (1990). This film is about a particularly famous artist. Vincent Van Gogh. It chronicles the difficulties that Vincent Van Gogh experiences trying to become an accomplished artist.

  6. “Surviving Picasso” (1996). Yet another great film about an artist. It’s about an older Pablo Picasso. This one spends more time exploring the guy behind the masterful works instead of the works themselves. Good thing Anthony Hopkins has the title role.

  7. “Ray” (2004). Jamie Fox is Ray. This story explores Ray Charles’ entire life from childhood, in the form of flashback, to his meteoric rise to stardom. It pulls no punches. The infidelity, the music, the drugs. Simply an awesome flick and clearly one of the best films about an artist ever.

  8. “Finding Neverland” (2004). Who likes “Peter Pan”? Come on, be honest. You all do. Well this particular flick is about the guy that created Peter Pan. Johnny Depp plays James Matthew Barrie. It’s very interesting to see the life of a man that created such an off the wall tale.

  9. “Notorious” (2009). This one’s for all you Hip Hop fans out there, you need to see this. The life and time of the best rapper of all time, the Notorious B.I.G., is shown in great detail. Oh, and there are a few awesome scenes chock full of hot women and nudity. What can you say? It’s the player lifestyle.

  10. “The Agony and The Ecstasy” (1965). Charleton Heston as Michelangelo, no need to say more. You half want the guy to pull out a gun, not a paint brush. Why is this one of the greatest films about an artist ever? Easy. It’s about Mike and his struggles creating the Sistine Chapel.