Are you in search of the 10 best film DVDs of 2007? Well, you are in luck because this article will provide you with the 10 best film DVDs of 2007. 2007 was a great year in films. Many memorable movies came out, along with man break through performances by amazing actors. So, if you want to rent a movie, check out this list of DVDs in 2007 before you make your pick!

  1. "Planet Earth - The Complete BBC Series." This DVD collection that came out in 2007 was truly inspiring and amazing. It was filmed in HD and completely natural. All scenes recorded were natural wild life at it's best. It's a truly amazing dvd collection to watch.

  2. "Pan's Labyrinth." This was another truly amazing graphic dvd to come out in 2007. The movie it's self was a mystery to made everyone curious, but to add to the mysterious movie, the graphics and animation in the movie make your jaw drop.

  3. "The Departed." This DVD rental of 2007 stars Dicaprio at his best. It's Mafia movie with a slight twist to keep you guessing all the way through until the end. Martin Scorsese makes another golden film to wow people.

  4. "Casino Royale." This James Bond film started a new and improved James Bond face. This is one of the best of the Bond films and has a little bit of everything for anyone to love. Sex, love, drama and action make this DVD of 2007 come to life.

  5. "Hot Fuzz." This movie stars British newcomer actors that are humorous and trendy. This film depicts two British buddy cop fighting crime in the most humorous of ways. This DVD of 2007 is sure to make you giggle all the way through.

  6. "Ratatouille." This Disney film was an instant hit with kids and adults. This movie depicts of scene of a aspiring cook who meets a rat who teaches him all about life and what it means to truly want something. It's a classic film and certainly one to watch.

  7. "Hairspray." This movie got a lot of buzz in 2007. Maybe it was John Travolta dressing up like a woman, or the Broadway play that got people talking, but this musical DVD of 2007 got everyone's note running a little high.

  8. "Dreamgirls." This was another break through DVD of 2007 that had everyone talking over the powerful performances made by Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson. Depictin the spirit of Motown with lovely sounds and ladies made this movie an instant hit!

  9. "300." This visually stunning movie came out in 2007 and hit big bucks. The graphics and animation in the movie are simply amazing. Also, the story line behind the 300 men who went to war to fight for freedom, make this a truly inspiring and amazing film.

  10. "Knocked Up." This hilarious dvd of 2007 came out and made everyone laugh their butts off. Everyone has seen or known someone who accidently 'got knocked up' off of a drunk one night stand, but not everyone gets to witness the side effects. You get to see the nitty gritty with lots of humor built into the situation.