The list of the 10 best family sitcoms includes shows that feature a family and are suitable for viewing by both adults and children. The family in the show can be unconventional, but must include children or child-like characters. These requirements exclude popular sitcoms like “I Love Lucy,” which is more concerned with the relationship of a husband and wife and “Roseanne,” which often features topics and content unsuitable for small children. Even with these restrictions, the list of ten best family sitcoms includes some of the most loved television series ever broadcast. 

  1. “The Andy Griffith Show.” This show isn't just the best family sitcom ever, it's one of the best sitcoms of any kind in history. The stories don't always revolve around family, but the show teaches lessons without being preachy. This series was from an era when kids addressed adults as “sir” and “ma'am,” but it's still as fresh today as when it was first broadcast.

  2. “The Brady Bunch” This show featured one of television's first blended families as a man with three sons married a woman with three daughters. One of the reasons that this show is ranked as one of the best family sitcoms is that it's still popular today.

  3. “Leave it to Beaver.” A classic family sitcom about the perfect family when such shows were common. The high quality of the humor is indicated by the fact that reruns of the show are still on TV even though the show is in black and white.

  4. “Family Ties.” Hippie parents have three kids, and, to their chagrin, two of them turn into conservative Republicans. This show made a star of Michael J. Fox. It's one of the best family sitcoms because of the role reversal between the parents and kids.

  5. “The Cosby Show.” The show centers on the affluent Huxtable family. Dad is a doctor and mom is a lawyer. This show was wildly popular and is one of only one of three TV shows to be ranked first in the ratings for five straight seasons.

  6. “Full House.” This sitcom features an unconventional family. When a man's wife is killed, he enlists the help of his brother-in-law and his best friend to raise his three daughters. Although never dominant in the ratings, the show had a fairly long run and could have continued on another network. The show made stars out of the Olsen twins.

  7. “Family Matters.” The original focus of this show was the Winslow family, but it quickly turned to neighbor Urkel. The performance of Jaleel White as Urkel makes this show one of the best family sitcoms ever shown on television.

  8. “My Three Sons.” The show depicts the lives of a widowed engineer and his three sons, along with their male housekeeper. Eventually, two of the sons marry, and their wives and children are included in the show. The fact that the show ran for twelve seasons on two networks ranks it as one of the best family sitcoms ever broadcast.

  9. “The Beverly Hillbillies.” A poor family living in the hills strikes it rich and decides to move to a Beverly Hill mansion. But, just because they're wealthy, doesn't mean that they intend to give up their simple mountain lifestyle. Although Jethro and Elly May are clearly adults, they act and are often treated like children. This show's popularity during its initial run and its long life in syndication entitle it to be ranked as one of the best family sitcoms.

  10. “Family Affair.” After their parents are killed, three kids wind up in the care of their wealthy uncle and his butler because no one else wants them. The series was very popular and resulted in the merchandising of a doll featured in the show.