There is nothing like some good clean family comedy to watch with the kids, and these 10 best family comedy movies will deliver. They will make you laugh without cringing at content that you don't want your kids to see or hear.

  1. "aliens in the attic." A family rents a summer home for a vacation that has aliens in the attic. When the kids come across a device that can control the movement of others the result is hilarious.

  2. "Diary of a Wimpy Kid." This movie is as funny as the book. The trials and tribulations of starting middle school for the average kid trying to fit in makes for good family comedy.

  3. "Night at the Museum." What can be funnier than a museum full of dead people and extinct animals coming to life. The best part is in the beginning when the character Larry Daly doesn't know what is going on.

  4. "Madagascar." The only thing that can be said about this movie is Penguins. They make the whole movie funny and worth watching.

  5. "Uncle Buck." This is an oldie but a goodie in the family comedy genre. If you haven't seen it in a while it is time to break it open and watch it with the kids.

  6. "Old Dogs." When you put John Travolta, who just keeps getting better with Robin Williams, you get funny. There is no one who can do comedy like Robin Williams. This family comedy  is just laugh out loud funny.

  7. "Mall Cop." Kevin James is as funny as always in the movie about an over zealous mall security guard. There is nothing like a Segway driving mall cop who takes his job to seriously.

  8. "Ferris Beuller's Day Off." The movie that put Matthew Broderick on the map. A classic family comedy that will still make you laugh as you watch the principal of Ferris Bueller's school take hit after hit as he tries to catch him in the act of skipping school.

  9. "Shrek." The original Shrek was the best. The adult overtones make it watchable and funny for adults while the kids sit blissfully by with no idea.

  10. "National Lampoons Christmas Vacation." The holiday version of the National Lampoons Vacation is a must for a list of family comedy movies. As usual the Griswalds have a ridiculous adventure that makes everyone laugh.