British film has a history of incorporating good, classic music; this list of the 10 best English movie songs illustrates that quite clearly. From score classics of the eighties to the drug-and-sex-fueled rock and roll of the swingin' sixties, theme songs and soundtrack hits, the best English movie songs span eras and remain timeless, while bringing to mind immediately the films they represent. Here are the best English movie songs of all time:

  1. "A Hard Day's Night" by the Beatles - The pride of England and the spearhead of the British Invasion, the Beatles conquered not only music but well-made, artistic, experimental, and funny film as well with "A Hard Day's Night." The theme from the film, and title track of the album of the same name, tops our list of the best English movie songs ever.

  2. "Alfie" performed by Cilla Black - Written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David, and inspired by the plot of the classic Michael Caine film, "Alfie" has been performed by many artists since. It is the version made for the film, sung by British songstress Cilla Black, that comes in second on this list of the best English movie songs ever.

  3. "Goldfinger" by Shirley Bassey - Perhaps the most immediately recognizable Bond theme, Bassey's "Goldfinger" immediately transports the listener to an era of suave super-spies and world-challenging villains. "Goldfinger" is the first Bond theme on this list of the best English movie songs of all time.

  4. "Help" by the Beatles - The theme from the Beatles' second film may be an even better song, though the film was not nearly the same success. "Help" signaled the Beatles moving away from their lovable moptop image into something more sinister, paranoid, and, ultimately, creative.

  5. "Chariots of Fire (Titles)" by Vangelis - Possibly the most recognizable movie theme ever, soundtracking slow-motion triumph to this day, is the title song from "Chariots of Fire." It is easily one of the best English movie songs of all time, and now, sadly, one of the most overused.

  6. "The Crying Game" by Brenda Lee and by Boy George - Both Brenda Lee's and Boy George's versions of this sixties ballad soundtracked Neil Jordan's film of mistaken identity. Now they are inextricably linked to a powerful film with one of the most shocking surprises in film history.

  7. "Thunderball" by Tom Jones - The second Bond theme on the list is sung by that sixties sex symbol, Tom Jones. It is very of its time, but still one of the best English movie songs of all time.

  8. "Yellow Submarine" by the Beatles - The Beatles' psychedelic cartoon theme is their final entry on the list of the best English movie songs. A joyful ride, it captures the movie's spirit perfectly.

  9. "Born Slippy .NUXX" by Underworld (from "Trainspotting") - This electronica classic gained new life due to its powerful placement in the final scene of "Trainspotting." It is now inextricably linked to the film that brought it to prominence.

  10. "Stroll On" by the Yardbirds (from "Blow Up") - Rock and roll on film had yet to be as blistering as this track from the Yardbirds performed in "Blow Up." It features both Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck on guitar, making it an easy choice for the final spot on this list of the best English movie songs ever.