Can you name ten best English horror films? If you’re a fan of British horror flicks, our picks should come as no surprise. If you’re new to the genre, just ask a fan to name his favorites. The following films are sure to appear somewhere on his list. These films consistently appear as the best English horror films of all time. Our list arranges the films in chronological order, by release date.

  1. “Dead Of Night.” “Dead Of Night” is a 1945 English omnibus film starring Mervyn Johns, Michael Redgrave and Roland Culver. A standout film in the 1940s, it inspired many subsequent English horror films. The film is best-known for its ventriloquist dummy episode, later adapted for “The Twilight Zone.”

  2. “Night Of The Demon.” “Night Of The Demon” is a 1957 film adaptation of a story by M.R. James, known for his antiquarian ghost stories. Starring Dana Andrews, Petty Cummins and Niall MacGinnis, the English horror film depicts an American psychologist investigating a satanic cult suspected of multiple murders.

  3. “The Haunting.” “The Haunting” is a 1963 English psychological film adapted from a Shirley Jackson novel. The story centers on a group of paranormal investigators trying to prove the existence of ghosts. Julie Harris, Richard Johnson, Claire Bloom and Russ Tamblyn have leading roles in the horror flick.

  4. “Th Devil Rides Out.” “The Devil Rides Out” is a 1968 English film based on a 1934 Dennis Wheatley novel. Set in 1930s London, the film stars Christopher Lee as a man who rescues his friend’s son from a devil-worshipping cult, only to defend himself from black magic attacks.

  5. “Matthew Hopkins: Witchfinder General.” “Matthew Hopkins: Witchfinder General” is another 1968 English horror film. Based on a Ronald Bassett novel, the film follows the murderous witch-hunting deeds of a seventeenth-century English lawyer. Vincent Price stars in the title role.

  6. “Blood On Satan’s Claw.” “Blood On Satan’s Claw” is a 1971 English horror film starring Patrick Wymark, Linda Hayden and Barry Andrews. Also set in seventeenth-century England, the film centers on a village possessed by demons.

  7. “Death Line.” “Death Line” is a 1972 English horror film. Distributed in the United States as “Raw Meat,” the story focuses on cannibalistic family living in the London Underground. The film stars Donald Pleasence, Norman Rossington and David Ladd, with a cameo appearance by Christopher Lee.

  8. “Theatre Of Blood.” Vincent Price and Diana Rigg star in “Theatre Of Blood,” another 1972 horror film. The story centers on an angry Shakespearean actor who, with the help of his daughter, murders a group of unforgiving critics. One of Price’s best performances, the film is also considered his personal favorite.

  9. “Don’t Look Now.” “Don’t Look Now” is a 1973 English-Italian thriller based on a Daphne du Maurier short story. Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie star as a married couple whose young daughter drowns in a tragic accident. They become involved with two elderly sisters, one a clairvoyant, who warn them of impending danger. The film is famous for a controversial graphic sex scene.

  10. “The Wicker Man.” “The Wicker Man” is a 1973 English horror film and cult classic. It centers on a British police sergeant who travels to a remote island to investigate a young girl’s disappearance. The film features performances by Edward Woodward, Christopher Lee and Britt Ekland.