It’s no wonder that we can list these 10 best English adult movies because the UK pops out the best of them year after year. There’s no denying that the films below are the sexiest flicks with the hottest chicks because they have all won at least one prize at the UK Adult Film and Television Awards. 

  1. “Joanna Jet Vacation.” Joanna Jet, one of the most famous transsexuals in the international porn industry, produces and stars in this hot British adult movie. The she-male star surrounds herself with five sexy females for plenty of lesbian fun.

  2. “French Heat.” This Corolo Productions adult movie was awarded the title of Best Gay Film in 2006. Billy Slade takes his friends on a vacation to France where they engage in mind-shattering, explicit gay sex.

  3. “Do the Business.” A perfect treat for couples, this British adult movie tells of five women who travel back in time to find the perfect gentlemen. At first it seems that the men of the past are worse than the future until the men eventually demonstrate that they’re able to “do the business.”

  4. “Sensual Seduction.” Winning awards for Best Softcore Production and Best Lighting, this movie focuses on pleasuring the woman. The director, Petra Joy, focuses on the art of cinematography to make her film into artistic erotica.

  5. “Busty Brits Abroad.” You’ll be thrown straight into the action when this adult movie starts without the title or credits. Relax as these ladies do each other as if you were on your own private sexual vacation.

  6. “Knob the Builder.” Freddie and G are builders but their true intent is to knock British housewives when they do house visits. The sexual excitement builds with each visit they make and lady they take.

  7. “Hug a Hoodie.” Anna Span, Britain’s first female sex movie director, has done it again with this flick, which won Best Reality Porn Film because the realism is outstanding. This time, the sexy performers play chavs (a British term for working-class, Caucasian teenagers who are often delinquents or gangsters).

  8. “Doctor Screw.” This highly successful adult series from the British Adult Channel tells the story of a doctor and his sexy sidekick on a search for the doctor’s enemy through different time periods. Wherever they go, there’s another parallel sexual adventure.

  9. “Get Your Rocks Off.” Three groupies use their sexual prowess to make their way into the VIP section so that they can achieve their ultimate goal to bang the band. They need to pass the doorman, managers, and even the female assistant, but be assured that they ultimately get what they want.

  10. “Ladies of Pleasure.” Meet and fantasize about all of these ladies of pleasure including mistresses and servants, a lady looking for love at a bar, and women getting hot by watching porn. This film is especially exciting because it’s set in various locations including horse stables and a rotating table.