The ten best movies released on DVD in September of 2008 may have been forgotten over the last couple of years. So, as a reminder, here is a compiled list, in no particular order, of the ten best movies released on DVD in September of 2008.

  1. “Speed Racer.” “Speed Racer” starring Emile Hirsch is one of the best movies that came out on DVD in September 2008. Young Speed Racer (Emile Hirsch) is moving up in the world of racing. Speed faces many challenges in this movie, including the speculation of if he will live up to the racing legacy of his late brother, Rex Racer. Speed is part of the Racer family business and must thwart the maneuvers of Royalton Racing.

  2. “Forgetting Sarah Marshall.” “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” starring Jason Segel, Kristen Bell, and Mila Kunis, was released on DVD in September of 2008. Peter is dumped by his television star girlfriend and goes to Hawaii in the hopes of getting his mind off of her when Sarah Marshall (Kristen Bell) appears there with her new rock star boyfriend in tow. Peter thinks he is still madly in love with Sarah, but Rachel (Mila Kunis) may show him otherwise.

  3. “The Promotion.” “The Promotion” stars Seann William Scott and John C. Reilly. This is the humorous story of two supermarket employees striving for the same job as branch manager of the new location. The rivalry brings out the worst in the two men as they battle it out for branch manager.

  4. “Sex and the City.” “Sex and the City” the movie, based on the television show, stars Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristen Davis, Cynthia Nixon, and Chris North. In Sex and the City the movie the girls are all doing their own thing, living their own lives and eventually come together again. From television to the big screen “Sex and the City” is still a hit.

  5. “Iron Man.” “Iron Man” is an Action movie starring Robert Downey Jr. “Iron Man” is one of the ten best movies released on DVD in 2008. Tony Stark is a wealthy and intelligent man who is kidnapped in order to build a powerfu weapon which could destroy the world. Instead Tony Stark builds an indestructible suit that he uses to take out the bad guys and save the world.

  6. “Baby Mama.” Released on DVD in September of 2008, “Baby Mama” stars Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. Kate Holbrook finally decides to she wants a baby after years of putting it on hold for her career. She finds out she cannot conceive and has to hire a surrogate mother. The surrogate is more than a little different than Kate and  finds herself homeless. Kate takes her in and the two become closer than they ever would have thought.

  7. “Made of Honor.” “Made of Honor” stars Patrick Dempsey and Michelle Monaghan and is one of the best romantic comedies released on DVD in September 2008. The story of how one man is asked by his best friend, the woman he soon discovers he loves to be the maid of honor at her wedding.

  8. “Then She Found Me.” “Then She Found Me” is a drama movie starring Helen Hunt and Bette Midler. Released on DVD in 2008, “Then She Found Me” tells the tale of how one woman in the middle of a mid-life crisis is reunited with her talk show host biological mother.

  9. “Married Life.” “Married Life” is a comedy-drama and one of the ten best movies released on DVD in September of 2008. Starring Pierce Brosnan, Chris Cooper, Rachel McAdams, and Patricia Clarkson, “Married Life” is the story of how an unhappily married man resorts to murder and his life and the lives of those around him unravel.

  10. “The Forbidden Kingdom.” “The forbidden Kingdom” is an action film starring Jackie Chan and Jet Li. Released on DVD in September of 2008 this movie takes us on a journey with a time traveling teen who, after finding a king fighting stick, takes up with a loyal army who are trying to free their king from imprisonment.