The 10 best Disney movie trailers are all those short teasers that keep constantly reminding you precisely why you need a little bit of the Walt Disney company in your life. For without these Disney trailers, your mundane life would be revealed for the empty drought of no family entertainment that it is.

  1. "Beauty and the Beast." In a trailer that is just over a minute long, Disney is able to convey just why "Beauty and the Beast" really is the greatest love story ever the context of childish, grade-school animation, that is! With Disney's devotion to this title's release every several years, it's a good bet that your children's children will also be put under this movie's spell in the future.

  2. "Up." For something that's a departure, try viewing the "Up" trailer. It is the second-best Disney movie trailer because in just a couple of minutes, Disney is able to make a grumpy, old man (the lead character) appealing to an audience of pre-teens and their parents, too.

  3. "The Lion King." "The Lion King" Disney movie trailer comes in at number three because of how effective it is at marketing. In just over two minutes, Disney is able to convince children to see a movie about friendly looking lions and their parents to accompany them because of the music by Elton John.

  4. "Aladdin." The trailer for the movie "Aladdin" came at an important time in the Disney company's history: just when the Disney folks had immense success with their "Beauty and the Beast" film. So what better marketing tactic to do than include the "Aladdin" trailer with the "Beauty and the Beast" home video (remember those??) release back in the day! Genius!

  5. "Hercules." For all those people who ever had a fixation with ancien Greek mythology, the "Hercules" trailer and its ensuing movie surely satisfied them. That is good enough to make "Hercules" and its trailer take the fifth spot on this list of the 10 best Disney movie trailers, yet what isn't apparent in the one-and-a-half minute, movie trailer is that Disney butchered Greek mythology by a lot in this film.

  6. "Enchanted." "Enchanted's" trailer is significant alone for the fact that it officially heralded the return of Disney's roots, hand-drawn animation. For a brief portion of the "Enchanted" trailer, movie audiences were able to salivate at the reality of hand-drawn animation being produced by Disney once more. Oh, joy!

  7. "Tangled." "Tangled" is Disney's latest foray into animation, a so-called updated take on the Rapunzel fairy tale, and for this classic reference in this movie, this Disney movie trailer deserves the number seven spot. It must be said that this film is already subjected to criticism for changing its title to "Tangled" from the original "Rapunzel" as a cynical strategy to get boys interested in it, too.

  8. "101 Dalmatians." Not to be confused with the animated film by Disney from a few decades ago, "101 Dalmatians" is a trailer for the 1996 live-action film by Disney. It earns a spot on this countdown of the best Disney movie trailers since it is able to effectively show Cruella DeVille being played by Glenn Close.

  9. "National Treasure." The Disney movie trailer for "National Treasure" is a trailer deserving of the number nine spot because in just a couple of minutes, the audience is captivated by all the adventure and action in the quest for the titular treasure. You also get a good sense of the lead character played by Nicholas Cage.

  10. "The Little Mermaid." As far as Disney movie trailers go, nothing is more classic than "The Little Mermaid," the animated feature that rebooted Disney in 1989. In just a few minutes, you learn all about Ariel, her obsessive love for Prince Eric, and her misjudgment to give up her tail for land-feet to be with him.