When asked to judge the 10 best Disney DVD releases, many people might become overwhelmed. The difficulty in answering this question comes, many would argue, from the relatively recent releases from Pixar Studios. Nevertheless, ten Disney DVD releases stand above the others.

  1. "Bambi" - Finding someone unfamiliar with this Disney DVD might be an impossible task. The quintessential Disney movie, "Bambi" contains dramatic and emotional moments certain to affect even the most staid adult. Don’t forget, too, that albeit through animal form, the movie traces a boy’s transition into manhood—is there anything more guaranteed to bring tears to your eyes?

  2. "Peter Pan" - The flying! The fun! The supremely malicious Captain Hook and fearful crocodile! Action-packed "Peter Pan" is every boy’s favorite. The very sweet Wendy makes it a favorite for girls, too.  

  3. "Monsters, Inc" - The producers definitely thought outsid the box when they created a fluffy, scary monster employed to frighten with an eyeball for a best friend. Guaranteed to make watchers laugh, the movie also evokes sentimentality over long-overcome childhood fears.

  4. "Robin Hood" - Disney’s original "Robin Hood" was the first introduction to chivalry for many boys. For portraying what every boy aspires to be Robin Hood takes its place in the top ten Disney DVDs.

  5. "The Incredibles" Who doesn’t like watching a man lift a train car as part of his workout? Combine that hilarity with Edna’s costume design studio and adults are guaranteed to laugh. Don’t skip the bonus scenes, they just might be funnier than the plot.

  6. "Alice in Wonderland" - Tim Burton’s take on the classic tale pushed it well outside the realm of kid’s movies—meaning you don’t have to be afraid to fire up the DVD on a Friday night. Frightening and humorous, the graphics alone are awe-inspiring.

  7. The "Toy Story" Trilogy - Every kid at one point in time believed their toys came alive when they weren’t around, and Disney took the question and turned it into reality. Despite being kid friendly, many of the jokes are only understood by adults. Fire this one up with the nephews and you’re guaranteed to be as entertained as they are.

  8. "Finding Nemo" - The story of a fish finding independence from his father is one easily transferred to a boy’s own coming of age. Once again, the humor in this Disney movie is more geared to adults. The hilarious cast of supporting characters often steals the light from Nemo himself. The creativity of this Disney DVD not only earns itself a place on the top ten list, but also makes it one worthwhile to add to every collection.

  9. "Wall-E" - Looking for a good cry over true love? Thankfully, Disney put that story into robot form, making it less shameful to wipe away those tears. With an unwillingness to give up on affection, the DVD just might be the perfect one to turn on when entertaining those of the opposite sex.

  10. "Up" - Talk to anyone who’s seen the movie and they’ll tell you it is one definitely not intended for children. "Up" is the hilarious tale of a man looking to fill his life after extreme loss and finding friendship during the process. "Up" is a true gem in the Disney DVD library.