Wondering what the 10 best dance scenes are? Decades of movies have incorporated dance into a story. Though the themes in the movies vary, the dance acts are all energetic, exciting and many times provacative.

  1. Grease (1978). John Travolta and Olivia Newton John portrayed high schoolers who danced throughout the entire movie. The high school dance scene is by far the most memorable, though.

  2. Footloose (1984). Kevin Bacon dancing in the warehouse will always be a best dance scene. The use of background lighting, flashbacks to previous moments of his life and unique dance props make this a uniquely original dance routine.

  3. Flashdance (1983). A solo best dance scene act that left the audience captivated. Jennifer Beals' water dance in a bar was, is and will always be the hottest scene of the entire movie.

  4. White Knights. Mikhail Baryshnikov danced his way into the hearts of millions with this film. Those not familiar with his ballet style were able to glimps the master working his magic with a truly remarkable story about a defector who is forced to land in the former Soviet Union.

  5. I'm Singing in the Rain. Gene Kelly dancing with an umbrella in the rain will always be a memorable best dance scene. Tap shoes on wet pavement, dancing solo with very little props while singing a happy song will always capture the hearts of generations.

  6. Dirty Dancing. Patrick Swayze won the hearts of millions of young women with the story line and his moves. The best dance scene at the talent contest left the audience speechless.

  7. Saturday Night Fever. The lighted floor in a dance club, disco music by the Bee Gee's and a room full of dancers made a very young John Travolta an household name. The best dance scene in this flick is his solo dance to "You Should Be Dancing".

  8. Pee Wee's Big Adventure. Who could not remember Pee Wee in white platforms dancing to "Tequilla"? His solo best dance scene in the bar was unique to say the least.

  9. Beauty and the Beast. Though animated, Disney's artists truly captured the hearts of all with this best dance scene. The waltz along with accompanying music and background combine to entertain and awe all from children to grand parents.

  10. Pulp Fiction. The shoeless twist performed by John Travolta and Uma Thurman's characters gives the movie andother dimension and most certainly is a best dance scene. Crime, humor, music and dance mix to create the perfect mobster setting of the day .