The 10 best crime thriller movies will both thrill and satisfy almost any viewer. Crime thrillers have been a movie staple since the dawn of film making, and they still pull in audiences. The combination of chase, puzzle, suspense, and excitement is hard for any movie fan to resist. 

  1. “The French Connection.” This crime thriller is based on real events and won five Academy Awards. The film focuses on two wild New York police officers and their efforts to break up an international drug smuggling ring. The movie features a thrilling car chase, a train hijacking, a train crash, and plenty of gun play.

  2. “The Day of the Jackal.” The world's greatest hit man, the Jackal, is out to assassinate the President of France. This film follows his elaborate preparations and the efforts of the police to stop him.

  3. “Chinatown.” This complex crime thriller was nominated for ten Academy Awards. A detective following a cheating husband stumbles into a rich developer's scheme to steal valuable land and water near Los Angeles. The movie's screenplay embodies plot twists, unique characters, incest, and violence. The film's title is misleading as it has little to do with Chinatown.

  4. “Rear Window.” An injured photographer confined to his apartment begins spying on his neighbors and becomes convinced one of them has murdered his wife. With the help of his fiance, the photographer sets out to prove that a murder was committed. This crime thriller is considered one of Alfred Hitchcock's finest films.

  5. “The Bourne Identity.” Fishermen find a gravely wounded man suffering from complete amnesia with only one clue to his identity, a bank account number. The man soon finds that a lot of very powerful people are trying to kill him.

  6. “Double Indemnity.” Nice guy insurance salesman Walter Neff hatches a plot to murder a man, marry his gorgeously seductive wife, and collect on a fat insurance policy. Neff thinks that he has committed the perfect crime. But, an investigator with a nose for fraud, pursues the case with bulldog tenacity, forcing Neff to take desperate measures.

  7. “LA Confidential.” Someone is killing gangsters in 1950s LA. Three cops with very different personalities are put on the case which also involves police corruption and Hollywood intrigue. One cop is a maverick who uses violence and intimidation to solve cases. Another is a by-the-book rising star. The third cop is a shameless self-promoter who loves to rub elbows with stars and celebrities. Together, they make this movie an enthralling crime thriller.

  8. “The Usual Suspects.” A boat explodes, leaving 27 bodies, 2 survivors, and millions in drug money. The movie unfolds as a flashback from that point. Five con men who are tired of being rounded up for questioning by the police every time a major crime is committed, decide to join forces to get revenge on the police. But, this crime thriller has an unseen mastermind pulling the strings behind the scenes.

  9. “Bullitt.” A cop and his two partners are given the seemingly simple assignment of guarding a mob turncoat for 48 hours. But, a hit man finds their hiding place, takes out two of the cops, and seriously wounds the turncoat. Now the remaining cop must hunt down the hit man and the people who sent him. This thrilling crime film features high speed chases, car crashes, and fiery explosions.

  10. “The Dark Knight.” Batman forms an alliance with the DA and the police commissioner to destroy an organized crime ring terrorizing Gotham City. The partnership is working beautifully until an insane criminal genius who call himself the Joker arrives to challenge Batman.