The 10 best crime movies in 2010 could be an exhaustive list; it seems that every studio was focused on developing movies where heroes thwart crime or villains threaten the safety or regular citizens. There are, however, many crime movies of 2010 that stand apart from the rest, thereby earning themselves a place on the rankings of the ten best crime movie releases.

  1. "Inception" The crime in this movie is not that of stealing something, but rather causing something to happen. DiCaprio takes viewers on a thrilling ride where it’s uncertain what is real, what is not real and what can be achieved. "Inception" is perhaps the first ever psychological crime movie and a worthy one at that.

  2. "Salt" Referred to as female version of Jason Bourne, "Salt" is the tale of a female CIA agent accused of committing a murder. Not just any murder, however, but the murder of the Russian president by none other than the agent conducting the interview. With fabulous stunts, "Salt" raises the question of whether a crime can be predicted or if “prediction” is actually inducement.

  3. "The Town" In a neighborhood famed for producing criminals, it does not bode well when an armed robber falls for his hostage. Hiding his identity and the fact that he’s dating the hostage may just be the biggest job ever for Dough (Affleck). Affleck’s first attempt at directing, the movie was heralded as a display of true talent and an incredibly moving crime movie.

  4. "Takers" The allure of just one more job is too big for this all-star cast. Despite the classic plot of evading police, "Takers" is far from the normal crime movie. Thrilling to the point that it slips into the genre of an action movie at some points, "Takers" earned its place as one of the best crime movies of 2010.

  5. "Red" With a cast full of renowned actors, Red takes viewers through an ex-criminal’s attempt to protect himself against assassins. Intriguing in that it is a crime movie of a criminal trying to prevent a crime, "Red" was one of the most entertaining crime movies of the year.

  6. "The Next Three Days" The real crime in "The Next Three Days" is a wrongful accusation. After his wife is accused of murder, John Brennan (Crowe) plots to free his wife from prison and clear her name. Viewers cannot help but hope that the bad guys succeed in this crime movie, making it one of the best of 2010.

  7. "Stone" While no movie could ever go wrong with combining DeNiro and Edward Norton on one screen, "Stone" is a great crime movie for its plot alone. Convicted arsonist Norton plots to use his wife to coerce his parole officer into his release. "Stone" raises the question of just how far one person can manipulate another.

  8. "Edge of Darkness" He set out to avenge his daughter’s death, but in doing so uncovers a conspiracy bigger than he could imagine. Gibson thrills us as a vengeful father and the unraveling of the plot is timed so well that it’s impossible to take your eyes off the screen. "Edge of Darkness" is one of the best crime movies of 2010.

  9. "Holy Rollers" It might not seem that a movie about a devout Jewish boy could be criminal, but "Holy Rollers" is just that. The extraordinary tale, purported to be based on true events, follows a Hasidic Jewish boy as he willingly participates in international drug trafficking. The interesting cast of characters and topic make "Holy Rollers" one of a great crime movie.  

  10. "Casino Jack" While the tale of how Abramoff scammed the nation might hit close to home for many viewers, it nonetheless makes for a fascinating movie. Providing a glimpse of the corruption in the nation’s capitol, "Casino Jack" is truly a realistic crime movie.