We all have our favorite actors and actresses, but what about the 10 best couples in movies? The best couples in movies are the ones you don't forget. They have chemistry between themselves as actors and their characters just belong together. They might have the most awesome relationship that every couple desires or the may make the best villains.

  1. Rose and Jack from “Titanic.” Hearts were beatin faster as the amazing chemistry between these two came across the screen. Everyone wanted Rose and Jack to be together, but it wasn't meant to be forever. No one will ever forget Jack and Rose.

  2. Robert and Francesca from “The Bridges of Madison County.” Who would have thought that a simple thing like asking for directions would have turned into something so deep and inspiring. Although their love came at the wrong time in her life, she wasn't afraid to give into her desire and he gave her all of the things her husband could not.

  3. Edward and Vivian from “Pretty Woman.” A hooker and a svelte businessman pull off the perfect arrangement. She gets to play the high society woman while he gets the company of a beautiful woman with no strings attached. But his feelings for her overcome their business arrangement and he falls in love with her.

  4. Patrick and Kat from “10 Things I Hate About You.” Kat wasn't into dating, but in order for her sister to go to the prom, she had to find a date for Kat who was potentially undateable. A willing candidate was found and no matter how hard Kat tried, she just could not hate him. She fell in love with him.

  5. Baby and Johnny from “Dirty Dancing.” This movie was bound to be hot from the beginning with all the bumping and grinding involved. But who would have thought that a young girl and experienced dancer would have the chemistry to pull off the desire, respect and passion as these two did.

  6. John and Jane from “Mr. & Mrs. Smith.” They were assassins that were married and loved each other to the end, but they were working for different companies. Eventually, they were hired to kill each other, but they stuck it out and were still together and very much alive in the end.

  7. Harry and Sally from “When Harry Met Sally.” Although they had know each other since college, it took time for there relationship to bloom. They both searched for love in all the wrong places only to realize they were meant to be together.

  8. Doug and Kate from “The Cutting Edge.” The snooty, washed out figure skater hoping to make a comeback and the rough and tumble hockey player lead to a love built on trust, desire and passion. They work together to head back to the Olympics and fall in love along the way.

  9. Landon and Jamie from “A Walk to Remember.” Forced to participate in the school musical, Landon seeks help from Jaime to learn his lines. As the two work together he begins to falls for her. But she has a secret—she is dying from leukemia. As Jamie gets more sick, Landon works to help her cover everything on her wish list, including marrying her in the church that her mother and father got married in.

  10. Melanie and Jake from “Sweet Home Alabama.” They were in love since they were little kids. They were together throug high school and then a twist of fate and choices separated them physically, but they never really stopped loving one another. When she returns home to marry another guy, they both realize all the things they have been missing out on and where they went wrong in their relationship.