There were many side-splitting funny TV shows in this past year. Some of them were even comedies. Here are the best 10 comedy shows of 2010

  1. "Modern Family" is one of the best comedy shows of 2010 because is a hysterical exercise in stereotypes. Featuring a family patriarch with the sexy Columbian second wife, a gay son, his partner, and their Asian baby, and other awkward family members, "Modern Family" is what would happen if everyone at "Real World" was related.

  2. "The Office" is a mockumentary of the kind of workplace where someone would eventually go postal. The boss is a social moron, and the workers put up with it for the sake of a paycheck. We've all worked in a place like this, but most of us have quit. 

  3. "Community" is about old people returning to school and students who couldn't  get into a four-year college. They manage to make the most of the community college experience by creating a study group. The best part of the show is the last two minutes featuring vignettes by Troy and Abed. There are complementary webisodes that give more background information to the story.

  4. "The Middle" is the kind of show that makes you feel better about your own family. It is a one of the best comedy shows of 2010 because it is reminiscent of "Malcolm in the Middle".  The parents have work issues, the kids are weird, and everyone has social issues.

  5. "30 Rock" gives us a hint of what it must be like to work at "Saturday Night Live". As another NBC creation, it was created by and features "SNL" alumni Tina Fey and Tracy Morgan.

  6. "Cougar Town" is not quite what you would guess. It started out being about a single older woman dating younger men, but it a more grown up version of "Friends". That makes it a perfect fit for Courtney Cox.

  7. "Raising Hope" has the look and feel of "My Name is Earl", which ended way too soon.  Town is barren, the characters are hopeless, and the premise is simple. The senile maw maw, who runs around half naked, adds much of the shows hilarity, making it one of the best comedy shows of 2010.

  8. "The Big Bang Theory" is a comedy for the thinking man. It has a "Beauty and the Geek" theme with a pretty young actress and her highly intelligent but socially awkward and slightly dysfunctional neighbors.

  9. "Chuck" is an action-comedy about an accidental spy who has the only copy of important spy secrets in his head. It is one of the best comedy shows of 2010, though it can be suspenseful at times as well. The co-workers at the Buy More lends the show most if its hilarity as it reminds you of kids you knew in high school who never grew up.

  10. "Saturday Night Live" has dominated late night comedy for 36 years, with year 34 being the funniest to date thanks to the 2008 election. They are still managing to ride that wave.  It remains one of the best comedy shows of 2010 and beyond.