These 10 best comedy movies of 2008 range from animated fun to sexual humor to slapstick sports jokes. Some of the best American comedians are lined up in these films, not only as actors but now also as writers and directors. Save these movies for a rainy day or for whenever you need a good laugh. 

  1. “Zack and Miri Make a Porno.” The title explains it all for this semi-pornographic, R-rated movie. When Zack and his roommate Miri need some extra cash to help them pay for rent, they come up with the ingenuous idea to make their own homemade pornographic film.

  2. “Yes Man.” America was waiting for Jim Carrey’s next comedy and he didn’t let us down with this 2008 hit. You can only imagine what kind of trouble his character gets into when he attends a “Yes!” conference and sees the power of only saying “yes” to whatever comes his way.

  3. “Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa.” A motley crew of famous celebrity voices come together for this animated DreamWorks film, a sequel to the original “Madagascar” movie of 2005. Your favorite lion, zebra, giraffe and hippo have crash-landed in Africa and meet their wild counterparts.

  4. “Tropic Thunder.” With Ben Stiller as writer, actor and director for this movie, you already know you’re up for some serious laughs. He stars with Jack Black and Robert Downey Jr. as a trio of spoiled actors who are completely uncomfortable with roughing it out in rural lands for their latest film on the Vietnam War.

  5. “You Don’t Mess with the Zohan." Written and produced by Adam Sandler, he also stars in this comedy about an Israeli terrorist who actually wants to be a hairstylist. To achieve his dream, he fakes his own death to make it to New York.

  6. “role models.” Two salesmen need to fulfill hours of community service with a youth mentor program, but they are not the idea role models. See what happens as they try to figure out how to deal with the boys.

  7. “Forgetting Sarah Marshall.” This movie turns romantic comedies on its backside with its take on a breakup between an actress and her long-term boyfriend. A series of hilarious events ensue as the pair tries to go their separate ways.

  8. “Hamlet 2.” When a failed actor turned failing drama teacher learns that his drama program is on the verge of being shut down, he steps up his game with a production of a sequel to Shakespeare’s “Hamlet.” Wait until his reluctant students see what he has in store.

  9. “Ste Brothers.” The comedic duo is back from “Talladega Nights” in this slapstick comedy. Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly play childish men who still live with their parents.

  10. “Semi-Pro.” If Will Ferrell fans can’t get enough, check out this comedic rendition of a sports movie. In it, he plays Jackie Moon, the owner, coach and player of a basketball team. He’s the motivation to bring his teammates together for the NBA gold.