Here are 10 the best comedy movies of 2007. The year is gone, but it left behind some of the funniest movies of the decade. Check this list for the funny comedies movies of 2007 you may have missed. 

  1. "Superbad" This is a comedy about two very clos high school geeks who are plagued by separation anxiety and their social status. Graduation is quickly approaching and before they head off to college, they are determined to get off the geek list by scoring liquor for a graduation party.

  2. "Juno" A teenage girl who is wise beyond her years decides to put her unborn child up for adoption in this quirky comedy about teenage pregnancy. Juno and her best girlfriend are on a mission to find the right couple to adopt Juno's unborn baby.

  3. "Knocked Up" A comedy that proves sex between friends can get complicated. When a one night stand between friends ends up in pregnancy, this very odd couple try their best to make a go at a real relationship as they prepare for the birth of their child.

  4. "Blades of Glory" This is a comedy about competitive rivalry. After being banned from the sport of figure skating, two skaters discover a loop-hole that would allow them to skate again—they have to perform as a pair.

  5. "Ocean's Thirteen" This is a crime comedy about revenge. A crook puts together a team and a plan to bring down the casino owner who almost murdered his mentor. The team is going to shut down his new casino on the first day it opens.

  6. "Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story" This is a comedy about a music legend who has as many women and children as he has hit records. Now Dewey Cox has his sites set on his beautiful backup singer, to whom he continues to write hits songs about in order to win her heart. But can Dewey ever settle down?

  7. "Good Luck Chuck" In this romantic comedy, every woman that's ever slept with Charlie ends up finding love elsewhere. Will the same thing happen if this lonely serial dater wins the love of the new woman he's courting?

  8. "Mama's Boy" A twenty-something-year-old slacker goes on the war path when he finds his "man of the house" status challenged after his mother begins dating his worst nightmare: a self help guru. It's the age-old youth against wisdom in this offbeat comedy

  9. "Kickin It Old Skool" A former breakdance kid has some catching up to do after waking up from a twenty-year coma with no motor skills and the same mental capacity he had before the coma: as a twelve-year-old. This comedy adds a new twist to coming of age.

  10. "Code Name: The Cleaner" This comedy is about a man with amnesia who believes he is an undercover spy on a mission for the feds when he is a custodian. Life becomes dangerous for this janitor as his lack of memory plunges him deeper into the world of a true special agent.