If you love comedy, you'll crack-up at the 10 best comedy movies 2008 produced. Comedy films can be dramatic, thrilling, suspenseful, and even horrific. Check this list out to see if you missed any of the 10 best comedy films from 2008.

  1. " Pineapple Express. " This is a stoner/slacker comedy. A pothead and his dealer are on the run from the law after one of them witnesses a police officer commit murder. 

  2. " Burn After Reading. " This comedy is about making easy money. After two clueless gym employees find a disk of memoirs left behind by a CIA agent, they attempt to sell it for a large amount of money; but end up in deep trouble.

  3. " Step Brothers. " Two spoiled thirty something year ol step brothers become competitors in this comedy. Each step brother is on a mission to destroy the other's character in order to remain the light of their individual parent's life after their parents marry each other.

  4. " Baby Mama. " This is a comedy about motherhood. A single businesswoman who can't conceive a child hires a working class woman as a surrogate mother. 

  5. " Run Fatboy Run. " This is a comedy about winning love back. Dennis left his pregnant girlfriend at the alter, and now she's about to marry a marathon runner; but Dennis is going to prove he can change, by running against her future husband in an attempt to win her back.

  6. " Drillbit Taylor. " A slacker/conman becomes friends with three preteen boys in this comedy. Three friends who are fed-up with the school bully, hire Drillbit as their personal schoolyard bodyguard but end up becoming close friends.

  7. " Semi Pro. " This is a comedy about friendship and dreams. The owner/player of an ABA basketball team encourages his players to play at the top of their games in order to achieve their dream of becoming an NBA team.

  8. " The Love Guru. " After being raised abroad by gurus, Pitka returns to the US as a love specialist, where his self-help business is immediately employed by a hockey player who wants to win his wife back after she leaves him for a rival athlete. This is a very offbeat comedy.

  9.  " Tropic Thunder. " Sometimes being in the wrong place at the wrong time can be comical. A group of actors are in way over their heads when they are mistaken for real soldiers after being dropped in a jungle to shoot a low budget film.

  10. " Soul Men. " They haven't spoken in twenty years, but two estranged soul singers agree to do a reunion show at the Apollo theater in honor of their recently deceased member. This comedy about friendship.