Want to know what the 10 best college movies are? College movies are fun movies with alcohol, sex, drugs and sometimes a story line. There are certain movies that have to be in every list of the 10 best college movies, but then there are other ones that people may not even have heard of. Here is one list of best college movies that are worth a viewing.

  1. 1978's "Animal House" is the icon that all other comedic endeavors in a collegiate setting aspire to be compared to. It is a tale of two frats, one that wants to be on campus and one that wants them gone. "Animal House" is a cult classic deserving of any best collage movie list.

  2. In 1984 "Revenge of the Nerds" made nerds look cool. This best college movie showed the outcasts get the girls and the respect they deserved. Nerds aren't alway the losers.

  3. With "Old School" Will Ferrell and Vince Vaughn proved a guy is never to old to join a frat. Women may think guys should grow up, but guys will never really actually grow up, as this 2003 best college movie proves! One may want to close their eyes when Ferrell runs down the road naked though.

  4. In 2002 Ryan Reynolds made a name for himself as "National Lampoon's Van Wilder." High on the list of 10 best college movies because of it's debauchery and true "National Lampoon" humor. Van Wilder has spent so much time in college that his friends question whether or not he is afraid to graduate and step out into the real world.

  5. Justin Long makes sure that everyone gets "Accepted" in this college movie. After a records mix up a bright student gets left behind, so he starts his own college. It isn't just smooth sailing though. But the classes are fun.

  6. "Road Trip" is the epitome of college road trip movies. With the craziness that is Tom Green, sex, drugs and exploding vehicles, this is definitely one of the best college movies ever. When I guy cheats on his girl and accidentally mails her the sex tape he is in a mad rush to travel from state to state to stop her from seeing that tape.

  7. In 1998 "Dead Man on Campus" taught college students that they could get A's in their classes if one of their roommate died. This did not end up being the only movie of it's kind, but it was by far the best. "Dead Man on Campus" will be having you planning your bunk mates mysterious death in no time.

  8. Black Christmas (2006) may have been a remake, but it far surpassed the original with it's gore. This movie brings horror to the college doorstep. What would a list of 10 best college movies be without some blood and guts? The Christmas tree even gets a little blood and guts on it.

  9. Anna Faris' "House Bunny" character brought the Play Boy to the college campus. At first glimpse this movie may seem like a chick flick, but it is full of enough chicks that guys will definitely be intrigued. Faris plays an exiled Playboy bunny that turns a sorority of frumpy girls into hotties.

  10. "Sorority Row" is another great college horror flick. This movie has chicks and death and even somewhat of a plot line, which makes it the perfect end to a perfect list of the 10 best college movies. And it stars Rumer Willis.