Language can’t get in the way of a good movie, so here we’ve listed the 10 best Chinese movies in English for your entertainment pleasure.

  1. “Farewell My Concubine.” The army has overtaken the government and the Chinese people are oppressed. Thankfully, one hope remains: the opera. In the opera during this time period, men took both male and female roles because women weren’t permitted to take the stage. Douzi and Shitou, two opera singers, fall in love amidst the madness.

  2. “In the Mood for Love.” Set in Hong Kong in 1962, Chow and Li-Zhen have a chance encounter when they move into the same apartment building. Chow is a newspaper writer and Li-Zhen is a secretary. When they find out that their respective spouses are cheating, they are devastated and seek each other for support.

  3. “2046.” Nominated for the Golden Palm at the Cannes Film Festival, this movie is a sequel to the hit film “In the Mood for Love.” The protagonist has suffered through a divorce and lives a lonely life. He tries to pick his life back up again by writing and finding love.

  4. “Comrades: Almost a Love Story.” This film is a love story about patience and spans over ten years. The audience meets Li Xiao-Jun and Li Qiao who have fallen in love but cannot be together. They start off as Chinese immigrants married to different people in Hong Kong and meet far in the future in the United States, divorced and ready to start again.

  5. “Hero.” Classified under the film genre wuxia, this movie is for all of you who are into martial arts and exciting adventures. With its high cost of production, it’s no wonder that this film has made the most money in the history of Chinese film. In it, a nameless man helps the king eradicate his enemies and shares his amazing life story.

  6. “Suzhou River.” Madar is a messenger who falls in love Moudan, a young teenager that he’s escorting for money. When Moudan commits suicide by throwing herself into the Suzhou River, Mandar is unrightfully blamed. A second love story ensues when Mandar is finally set free from prison.

  7. “As Tears Go By.” This is the tale of Chinese gangsters and two siblings who find themselves caught up in the underworld. They are parallel and intertwined stories of one brother’s violent behavior and the other brother’s love.

  8. “Curse of The Golden Flower.” The title of this film refers to the golden flowers that beautify the royal palace when it comes time for the Chong Yang Festival. In the palace, we find the drama between a king and his two songs. One is involved with the king’s wife and the other harbors a fascination for the golden flowers.

  9. “The Road Home.” Recognized at the Berlin International Film Festival, this movie is about a Chinese man and his recollections of the past after his father passes away. Through him, the audience hears his parents’ love story.

  10. “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.” This movie is one of the most famous Chinese films in North America, winning the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film. It’s a legendary tale of martial artists during the Qing Dynasty and is a story filled with the themes of love, power, and friendship.

You can’t miss out on this list of movies! Learn more about Chinese culture and enjoy!