If you’re a fan of Chinese TV drama series, it’s about time you check out the 10 best Chinese drama movies. From Chinese history and politics to family and relationships, there will be a theme that will touch your heart. Get cozy on the couch and let these Chinese stories move you. 

  1. “Once Upon a Time in China.” Jet Li fans will love this martial arts drama. This is only the first of a six-part film series that follows the life of a Chinese folk hero and kung fu master.

  2. “Spring in a Small Town.” This 1948 classic is recognized as one of the best Chinese films in history. Both produced and set in the years after the war, we become a part of the struggles of the Dai family who were wealthy before the devastation of warfare.

  3. “Ordinary Heroes.” You don’t want to miss this Cantonese-language film that won the award for Best Picture at the Hong Kong Film Awards. It blew everyone away with its take on social activists and the political drama in Hong Kong in the 70s and 80s.

  4. “Dragon Gate Inn.” Directed by the famous King Hu, this martial arts drama became one of his more significant works. We follow a team of four as they race to find General Yu’s precious children.

  5. “In the Mood for Love.” This drama and romance took the world by storm, winning various awards both in Hong Kong and internationally. It tells of the relationship between a man and a woman brought together by their spouse’s suspected adultery.

  6. “Assembly.” What’s memorable about this film is its realism in the portrayal of the Chinese Civil War. Its raving success had the producers releasing a sequel.

  7. “Happy Together.” Despite its restrictive movie rating, “Happy Together” was still a refreshing movie for the Chinese population for its homosexual theme. The plotline illustrates the tumultuous relationship between two men, Ho Po-Wing and Lai Yiu-Fai.

  8. “Farewell My Concubine.” It was this movie that finally put Chinese filmmakers in the international spotlight. The audience is treated to a dramatic story of a love triangle in the Peking opera.

  9. “Chungkung Express.” Artistically filmed, this drama follows two stories of two different cops. The storytelling also brings together elements of comedy, mystery, and romance.

  10. “In the Heat of the Sun.” For first-time director and former actor, Jiang Wen, this movie became his pride and joy. The tale revolves around a group of teenagers during the Cultural Revolution in Beijing.