What are the 10 best celebrity movie sex scenes? The best celebrity sex scenes are the ones that make your little soldier stand at attention. Porn flicks have nothing on these celebrity sex scenes. Why roll the dice on yourself to an ugly porn star when you can do it to Halle Berry? That is why celebrity movie sex scenes are more special.

  1. "Monster's Ball". Halle Berry's Academy Award winning performance was overshadowed by the greatest sex scene in films in 2001's "Monster's Ball." This celebrity sex scene was so good that viewers thought Halle Berry and her co-star, Billy Bob Thornton were actually doing the sexual hokey pokey.

  2. "Basic Instinct". The film that made Sharon Stone famous, "Basic Instinct" is the quintessential sex film. The infamous bedroom scene with the mirrors captivated many horny teenage boys. Sharon Stone went on to film even more raunchy celebrity sex scenes in 1993's "Sliver" and 1994's "the Specialist."

  3. "Unfaithful". Diane Lane was always considered an "American sweetheart" until "Unfaithful" hit theaters in 2002. No one remembers "Unfaithful" for its acting. The only thing you remember from this film is all of Diane Lane's sex scenes. 

  4. "Lust, Caution". Lead Chinese actress, Tang Wei gives her fans some of the best celebrity sex scenes ever captured on the silver screen. The entire film is in Chinese, but sex needs no translation. Many of the sex scenes are realistic, and "Lust, Caution" received an NC-17 rating for the sexual content. 

  5. "Sex and Lucia". The Penelope Cruz clone, Paz Vega shows viewers her cash and prizes in this award-winning 2001 film. The sex scenes are hot, but Paz Vega does not go all the way in some of them.

  6. "The Brown Bunny". Vincent Gallo and Chloe Sevigny were dating around the time "the Brown Bunny" hit theaters. Vincent Gallo had this bright idea, "Chloe, how about you suck me off to end this craptastic film I just made!" Chloe agreed and this film became infamous for having one of the best celebrity movie sex scenes.  

  7. "Killing Me Softly". Heather Graham has many celebrity movie sex scenes, but her sex scenes in "Killing Me Softly" are the best she has ever done. Heather Graham has natural tits (possibly?), a nice ass, and her face is gorgeous. What is this movie about? I don't think anyone gives a damn. Fast forward material. 

  8. "Black Snake Moan". Christine Ricci was the little girl in "the Addams Family" films. Little did we know, she would grow up to be a little vixen. Samuel L. Jackson gives one of his best performances in years in this movie and Christina Ricci gives us some of the best celebrity movie sex scenes ever.  

  9. "Body of Evidence". Madonna decided to take the Sharon Stone route and do a movie with the exact same plot as "Basic Instinct." Madonna is in her prime and there is plenty of sexy material in this movie. The movie sucks ass, but Madonna is fully nude, so who cares right?    

  10. "Ask the Dust". Salma Hayek's sex scenes were praised in this 2006 film. Why her acting was not praised, the world will never know! There are plenty of sex scenes in this film. The movie is actually quite good, but seriously, does anyone care? Crickets chirping...