Most television viewers have probably watched a cartoon, and their favorite might be one of the 10 best cartoons ever. A cartoon is an animated visual art that is shown on TV; they are for adults as well as children. Here is a list of ten of the best cartoons ever made.

  1. "School House Rock." This cartoon hit television screens in 1972. "School House Rock" is a children's educational series that helps them learn 52 different subjects by watching and listening to its short animated musical jingles.

  2. "Looney Toons." "Looney Toons" cartoons are timeless and have been around since the 1930s. The "Looney Toons" characters always find themselves in story lines that are comedic as well as adventurous. 

  3.  "Popeye The Sailor." Popeye made his debut as an animated short in 1933. This cartoon's story lines always revolve around Popeye's love life with Olive Oyl, which is in a constant state of jeopardy because of his rival, Bluto the sailor.

  4. "King Of The Hill." This Emmy winning cartoon was created in 1997. The story is set in a small fictitious Texas town and revolves around a macho conservative husband, his strong-willed wife and their twelve year old slacker son.

  5. "The Simpsons." "The Simpsons" aired in 1989 and has been called one of the most daring cartoons of the 90s. The show's focus is a four-fingered dysfunctional suburban family of five which tries to cope with their daily lives and the day's issues.

  6. "South Park." It has been called one of the most irreverent and outrageous adult cartoons of the 90s and beyond. The deliberately crude "South Park" features mostly adolescent characters and has touched on every sensitive subject imaginable. 

  7. "Underdog." This cartoon has been on and off TV for 46 years. It follows a shoeshine dog who turns into a superhero dog in order to defeat arch criminals. Underdog's goal is to protect common citizens and a pretty purebred reporter.

  8. "The Rocky And Bullwinkle Show." This cartoon has been around for over 50 years. The show features a moose and squirrel buddy team and follows them on their goofy, madcap, witty and adventurous encounters with villains. 

  9. "Felix The Cat." "Felix The Cat" has been on television for decades. The cartoon features a cat who carries a bag that contains everything he needs to get him out of any peril.

  10. "Speed Racer." "Speed Racer" came to American TV screens in 1967 from Japan. The cartoon features a race car driver and his special race car that has seven buttons that make it g faster, resist bullets and missiles, cut through trees, and travel under water. The car even has its own robot bird.