If you grew up with Saturday morning cartoons, you’ll recognize and appreciate these 10 best cartoon characters of all time. If you don’t recognize someone on the list, put a movie of theirs on your list to watch. These are classics!

  1. Charlie Brown and Co. We know he can never win, and yet our sympathetic side will always root for him. His group of friends and his pup are undeniable parts of our culture.

  2. Homer Simpson. For two decades, men everywhere have found themselves identifying with this bumbling bozo who always manages to save the day.

  3. Tom and Jerry. Another oldie but goodie, Tom and Jerry kept their shorts silent even when talkies debuted in the 1940's and 50's. Their antics and goofy slapstick take cartoons back to a purer time.

  4. Eric Cartman. This "South Park" brat has been used in American society to embody all the things most TV shows are too afraid to talk about. He makes you laugh while simultaneously commenting on society.

  5. Betty Boop. The queen of depression era America, today Betty Boop has found new popularity among young women looking for a sexy, smart role model. Throughout history, she has been one of the best loved female cartoon characters.

  6. Wile E. Coyote. Another Looney Tune, Wile E. Coyote makes kids laugh because nothing is funnier than watching the bad guy make mistake after mistake. His constant errors keep the audience laughing.

  7. Stewie Griffin. Most evil geniuses are wronged in their youth and grow into their evil mindset, but Stewie Griffin has world domination plans as a toddler.

  8. Shaggy Rogers. Scooby Doo is famous for his mystery solving antics, but it is Shaggy audiences are most intrigued by. A complete wimp, Shaggy still manages to stick with Scooby during his investigations.

  9. Larry the Cucumber. No one could have predicted that Jesus fearing vegetables would take the cartoon world by storm, but "Veggies Tales" did just that. Larry is perhaps the silliest and most relatable character.

  10. SpongeBob Squarepants. From little kids to full grown folks, SpongeBob has limitless fame and popularity. With his own show, his own movie and tons of merchandise, he’s everyone’s favorite sponge.