Anyone who was a kid in the 1980’s will remember the 10 best cartoon characters of the 80’s. Iconic and unforgettable, these characters filled 80’s cartoons with spunk and imagination.

  1. Alvin from “Alvin and the Chipmunks.” First appearing on TV in 1983, Alvin was the incendiary leader of the rodent rock band The Chipmunks. When he wasn’t rocking  out, he was driving his owner Dave insane and scoring with members of The Chipettes. What’s not to like about this cartoon character of the 80’s?

  2. Eric from “Dungeons & Dragons.” Even if you’re not a nerd, you’ll be able to appreciate this cartoon character of the 80’s. Beginning a three-season run on CBS in 1983, Eric’s quick wit and smartass comments were the comic relief of the show. He provided a relatable character on a cartoon filled with fantasy and fiction.

  3. Doyle Cleverlobe from “Galaxy High.” Despite being the most obscure of the ten best cartoon characters of the 80’s, Doyle and the rest of the “Galaxy High” gang still enjoy a cult status today. The cartoon only ran for two months on CBS in 1986, but that was more than enough time for this lovable oaf to endear himself to a generation of kids.

  4. Captain Caveman from “Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels.” In the early 80’s, ABC thought it would be a good idea to base a cartoon around an unpredictable caveman and three female sidekicks. The premise was crazy, but it worked, resulting in one of the best cartoon characters of the 80’s.

  5. BraveStarr from “BraveStarr.” Cowboy cartoons were boring by 1987 standards, but the creators of “BraveStarr” knew just how to sell the idea to kids, which was to set the series on an alien planet. The BraveStarr cartoon character served as law enforcement, calling upon his spirit powers to beat the crap out of anyone dumb enough to mess with him.

  6. Hefty Smurf from “The Smurfs.” The Smurfs took the country by storm in 1981 when they began their nine-year-run on NBC. Hefty Smurf differentiated himself from the rest of the Smurf cartoon characters by being a stone-cold badass. His strength and toughness came in handy, since there was only one female Smurf in the village.

  7. Bart Simpson from “The Simpsons.” In 1989, way before Bart Simpson’s wild-child antics had grown tiresome, he provided must-see cartoon programming for legions of children. As the most recognizable member of the ten best cartoon characters of the 80’s, Bart won our hearts with his classic pranks and smug sense of humor.

  8. Optimus Prime from “The Transformers.” Megan Fox wasn’t a character in this 80’s cartoon, so we’ll have to settle for Optimus Prime. Beginning in 1984, Optimus served as the level-headed leader of the Autobots, a group of robots at constant war with their evil counterparts, the Decepticons.

  9. Cheetara from “ThunderCats.” Beginning in 1985, Cheetara provided daydream fodder for millions of pubescent boys across the globe. This cartoon character of the 80’s was a curvy siren on an otherwise testosterone-laden cast of mutant aliens.

  10. Ash from “Kidd Video.” In 1984, NBC scored another iconic cartoon character of the 80’s with Ash, the accident prone keyboard player in the Kidd Video band. Ash and the gang were intermixed with live-actors, creating a premise of real people stuck in a cartoon world.