Have a laugh and watch pretty girls roll around wet and half naked in the ten best car wash scenes. Even though most of the cars in the ten best car wash scenes leave a lot to be desired the girls doing the washing make up for everything that the cars lack.

“Cool Hand Luke” (1967)

Quite possibly one of the hottest car wash scenes in the history of film. It starts with a hot blonde country girl coming out and taking a firm yet gentle grasp on a long stiff water hose, before leading into her pressing her wet, soapy boobs against the glass of the car and culminates with her taking a long cool drink from the hose. This one of the ten best car wash scenes is what makes girls washing cars so hot.

“One Night at McCools” (2001) 

Few things are hotter than a hot girl all wet and soapy, and when the girl in question is Liv Tyler the hotness meter flies off the scales. In this one of the ten best car wash scenes Tyler gets practically nude as she sprays herself with a water hose.

“Ally Mcbeal” (1997)

While it is no where near as hot as some other scenes that made the list of the ten best car wash scenes, watching Ally McBeal fantasize about a good shag in a car wash is a riot.

Final Destination 4” (2009)

If we have learned anything from the movies, it’s that no one can escape death. And this one of the ten best car wash scenes proves it. A simple trip through the car wash turns deadly as the sun roof rolls back and a pretty young thing is almost drowned in her car.

“Politics of Love” (2010)

Bollywood movies may have a reputation for casting beautiful women, but the strict social structure that rules so much of Indian society don’t leave much room for sexy time. But this one of the ten best car wash scenes is an exception to the rule. Few things are hotter than Mallika Sherawat rolling around wet in a bikini.

“Candy” (2006)

Occupying a space between cute and sexy this car wash scenes perfectly illustrates the highs and lows of addiction. It starts out a little disturbing with a couple shooting up as their car goes through the car wash, but it takes a turn for the sexy as the high kicks in and they giggle and make out in a hail of bubbles. After that it’s all down hill as the high fades and they’re sitting in the car wondering what to do next.

“Sheesha” (2005)

Once again Bollywood treats the eyes to a glimpse of another of their beautiful actresses getting wet and wild. Sure Neha Dhupia is wearing more clothes than most American actresses do in situations like these, but not being able to see everything make it a little bit hotter.

Bad Teacher” (2011)

Always hot and hilarious Cameron Diaz is in rare form in this one of the ten best car wash scenes. As a frustrated teacher who is looking to add some spice to her life, Diaz sets the school car wash on fire and struts away on her long legs with a wiggle in her walk.

“Car Wash” (1976) 

You can’t have a list of the ten best car wash scenes without mentioning “Car Wash” at least once. While just about any scene in this movie is worthy of the list, the scene with the late great Richard Pryor as “Daddy Rich” postulating to the masses with the Pointer Sisters as back up is awesome.

“Dukes of Hazard” (2005)

As a movie, the 2005 revamp of the '70s classic was a complete failure, but watching Jessica Simpson in this one of the ten best car wash scenes makes up for the rest of the movie.

-Sameerah Blue