When composing a list of the 10 best car sex scenes, there are many factors to consider. Number one, is the female hot? A hot female goes a long way in determining whether or not the sex scene is going to be worth a darn. Number two, the actual scene itself. A good sex scene can be hot, unique, and funny. Number three, the movie. If the movie is a well known blockbuster, the scene will likely be remembered more than if it was a "B" rated movie. And finally, the scene must be in a car or similar type of automobile; such as a van or truck. Below, in no particular order, are the ten best sex scenes that take place in automobiles

  1. "Poetic justice" This 1993 drama, staring Tupac Shakur, Janet Jackson, Regina King, and Joe Torry had a memorable sex scene (well maybe not so memorable for Tory) when Tory and King were having sex in the back of a van and he only lasted about two minutes, all the while King was rolling her eyes and looking bored.

  2. "Crash" Deborah Unger and Elias Koteas have sex in the back of a car as it passes through the car wash,  while James Spader watches from the driver's seat. What makes this scene so great is that it is unusual (not many sex scenes involve a car wash) and it shows Unger's beautiful breasts and nipples.

  3. "The Chase" This 1994 clunker starring Charlie Sheen and Kristy Swanson does have one redeeming quality: a sex scene in the front seat of a BMW that is traveling upwards of 90 miles per hour. Now that's sexy.

  4. "All The Right Moves" Lea Thompson and Tom Cruise star in this movie about high school football star who is trying to get a scholarship so he can leave a small, Pennsylvania town. The movie also features a car sex scene when Cruise and Thompson get down to business in the back seat.

  5. "Ruthless People" A popular 1986 comedy, Ruthless People featured a sex scene between the police chief and a prostitute. In the scene, the police chief told the prostitute to "make a lot of noise," which she did while he had his hea buried deep into her considerable breasts.

  6. "Havoc" A 2005 film that takes place in Los Angeles, California, Havoc features Anne Hathaway in a sexy car scene that takes place in the back of a pick-up truck. Moviegoers get to view Hathaway's lovely breasts and beautiful body.

  7. "Miss March" For those who have seen this 2009 comedy, who could forget the scene where two lesbian women pick up Zack Cregger and Trevor Moore. The lesbians make a deal where Cregger and Moor drive the car while the two women have car sex in the back seat. While there is no nudity, it is still a sexy car scene. 

  8. "Brokeback Mountain" Anne Hathaway again makes the list as she was once again involved in a car sex scene; this time in the back of a Jake Gyllenhaal's piece of crap automobile. While his car may not have been much to look at, Hathaway's pale fun bags are worth viewing.

  9. "Animal House" The 1978 comedy about a crazy fraternity who gets revenge on the university that kicked them out, "Animal House" had a nice car sex scene when Otter sweet talked his date's clothes off in the back seat of a car while his buddies were sweating it out in a bar where they were the only white people. 

  10. "Titanic" One of the most successful films of all-time (as well as one of the most overrated), "Titanic" featured a sex scene between Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio. Not the most steamy sex scene in cinematic history, it was unique since it took place in a car on a ship that would later sink.