These 10 best camping movies are a compilation of some real classics. That time of year is coming again. The whiff of bug repellant in the air harkens us back to traditions of the lewd, the crude and the downright horrifying 10 best camping movies.

  1. "Ernest Goes to Camp" was a classic from the flash-in-the-pan actor Jim Varny. Ernest is a maintenance man hoping to be a camp counselor. This one of the 10 best camping movies combines Ernests' genuine good nature and enthusiasm with a group of outcast delinquents, and, of course, a greedy land developer. It's a guilty pleasure that will have you cheering for Ernest despite yourself.

  2. "The Blair Witch Project" is one of the 10 best camping movies that came out of nowhere. It was a phenomenon that changed what the movie industry thought was possible. Its low budget documentary style relied on the viewer's imagination more than high cost special effects. Imaginations took the world by storm.

  3. "Friday the 13th" is one of the 10 best camping movies because it created the sub genre of horror camping films. What's now known as classic started with this one. The main character Jason seeks revenge on just about everybody in a gory way for his drowning death at the camp as a child. To tell you exactly what he is, and why he seems to have come back as a 40-year-old man would be a spoiler. 

  4. "Without a Paddle" is a great combination of childhood friends reuniting, and the search for lost treasure in the middle of nowhere. It's chock full of delightful misadventures and stunts you've come to love and expect from this genre.

  5. "Meatballs" is one of the 10 best camping movies of all time showcasing the first movie appearance of Bill Murray. It contains a head counselor trying help a lonely, outcast kid fit in. It also has romance, and a rivalry with the much wealthier camp across the lake.

  6. "Camp Nowhere" brings a bunch of kids together in an ingenious plot. They create a fake camp, fool their parents, and achieve a summer experience with no counselors and no rules.

  7. "Space Camp" is one of the 10 best camping movies although it takes you out of the woods, and into space. The kids are attending space camp to study NASA, and learn astronaut training techniques. This one isn't full of misadventures as the kids do get propelled into space. They face some very serious life and death situations in this one.

  8. "Indian Summer" is a bit more reflective than the typical slapstick style of the 10 best camping movies. A group of adults are called back to their old camp. There they're faced with confronting their childhood dreams head on compared to what their life is now. There are unresolved issues with each other, and a big dollop of nostalgia.

  9. "The Great Outdoors" is one of the 10 best camping movies if you love the old school. Dan Aykroyd and John Candy headline this comedy. It starts out with two families going at each others throats over old rivalries. Danger to the kids brings them together in an effort to rescue them. There's a bald headed grizzly, and some freaky raccoons. Old school.

  10. "Wet Hot American Summer" is a cult comedy flick that takes place at a Jewish summer camp. There's a piece of Skylab falling to earth. An obsession with the last chance to get a kiss before camp is over. Crazy camp counselors that are more interested in hooking up with each other, and a can of talking vegetables. That's quality cult.