The ten best camp movies take the old trip to the country and turns things upside down and inside out in every scene. These camp movies are the best way to enjoy watching a trek through the woods go beyond the expected. The best situations come from placing people out into the wilderness and brave the elements and no better than camp movies. The camp movies capture people at their best or worst when they are surrounded by trees, animals and who knows what else in the great outdoors. Here are the ten best camp movies:  

  1. "Meatballs" (1979). The comedy classic starred Bill Murray as a wacky camp counselor in charge of a gang of misfits. He befriends a shy kid as well as motivates the team against their rival camp in a series of outdoor summer games.

  2. "Friday the 13th" (1980). A horror movie brings the legend of Jason Voorhees to the cursed grounds of Camp Crystal Lake. Counselors begin to drop dead as a masked killer stalks them amongst the woods.

  3. "Indian Summer" (1993). An old summer camp reunites seven adults who used to attend the grounds years ago as children. Old memories and feelings reemerge as they try to prevent the camp from closing. 

  4. "The Parent Trap" (1961). Twins raised by different single-parent households meet up for the first time at summer camp. The Disney classic has the two switch places and devise a scheme to bring their parents together.

  5. "Wet Hot American Summer" (2001). Set in 1981, this camp movie follows the hijinks of everyone during the last day before going home. This delightful picture brings the warmth and humor as everyone tries to resolve their shortcomings on the eve of the talent show.

  6. "Sleepaway Camp 1, 2 & 3" (1983, 1988, & 1989). The camp horror series has an insane twist that plays throughout the movies. Infamous serial killer Angela goes on a rampage against camp counselors who don't follow the rules.

  7. "The Blair Witch Project" (1999). A camping trip goes wrong as film students go out to the woods to document the legend of the Blair Witch. Soon, they battle to stay sane and alive as a mysterious force haunts their every move. 

  8. "The Great Outdoors" (1988). Chet Ripley plans a nice getaway with his family in the outdoors. Things turn upside down when his brother-in-law Roman pops up with his strange family. 

  9. "Ernest Goes to Camp" (1987). Ernest P. Worrell is a handyman who turns camp counselor for a bunch of juvenile criminals. Kamp Kikakee is threatened by a greedy land developer who wants to strip the grounds for mineral mining.

  10. "American Pie" (1999). Four teenage boys make a vow to get laid before they graduate from high school. One of the boys hooks up with a young girl who has some pretty sordid tales about band camp.