If you are looking for a few TV shows to watch, learn about the 10 best British TV series. These shows are some of the most popular in the UK and the United States. Here are ten of the best British TV series:

  1. "The Office"The Office is one of the best British TV series The American TV series is based on the British version. This documentary-style comedy details the interactions of employees at Slough Paper Company.

  2. "Peep Show" Peep Show is another documentary-style TV series. Peep show is one of the best British TV series because of its unique exploration into the characters' internal monologues. David Mitchell and Robert Webb play two roommates with an unhealthy relationship that is frequently the source of their troubles.

  3. "Doctor Who" One of the best British TV series, "Doctor Who" is the longest-running science fiction television show. "Doctor Who" first aired in 1989. In 2005, the main character was changed and a new "Doctor Who" was launched. The Doctor as of 2005 time travels with his friends to save lives.

  4. "Being Human" Another top British TV series is "Being Human." This comedy-drama features three apparent humans who lead secret lives. One is a werewolf, another is a ghost and the other a vampire.

  5. "Black Books" This top British TV series is about a man who owns a local bookstore called Black Books. Bernard Black is an angry and curmudgeonly person who doesn't tolerate people. The plot focuses on Bernard and his interactions with another storeowner and people who come into his store.

  6. "The 'IT' Crowd" "The' IT' Crowd" was created by Graham Linehan in 2006 and produced by Ash Atalla (also producer of "The Office"). "The 'IT' Crowd" is one of the best British TV series that centers around the employees of an IT department. Some are nerds and some don't understand Information Technology.

  7. "Spaced" Two friends rent a room together and find themselves in precarious situations and adventures. "Spaced" is one of the best British TV series. Spaced was released in 2007 and features Simon Pegg and Jessica Hynes.

  8. "The Thick of It" This best British TV series is a dark comedy. If you are into politics, you will enjoy "The Thick of It." The show is about the British Parliament and the inner workings of politics and government.

  9. "Coupling" "Coupling" is about the life of different young couples. This best British TV series is a comedy that first aired in 2000 and stopped airing in 2004. The show features the contrasting nature of confidence and insecurity in relationships.

  10. "Skins" "Skins" is a coming of age teenage drama British TV series. Most of the characters have dysfunctional relationships with their parents and other authority figures. "Skins" first aired in 2007.