The 10 best boys' movies are the kinds of films boys (and men who act like boys) can watch again and again. Usually, boys' movies have plenty of action and little romance and "girl-stuff." This list of the best boys' movies ever made is no exception, with stories revolving around space battles, sports, epic journeys, enduring friendships and even martial arts. See how this list matches up with some the movies you loved as a boy, or a boy at heart.

  1. "Star Wars." There has never been a greater adventure movie for boys than this 1977 blockbuster about Luke Skywalker and the rebel forces taking on the evil empire and Darth Vader.

  2. "Miracle." The true story of the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team that shocked the world by beating the USSR and going on to win the gold medal remains one of the greatest sports tales in American history. This Disney movie, with Kurt Russell as Coach Herb Brooks, captures the story behind the victory and the emotion that accompanied that amazing ride. Boys who have never played hockey before will be grabbing sticks and setting up goals after seeing this movie.

  3. "The Princess Bride." Just as the boy in the beginning of the film is turned off by the title, any boy who bothers to follow the tale of Wesley, Buttercup and the pirates, bandits and assorted characters who show up along the way, will find his attitude changing and his heart opening up to a fairy tale for girls and boys alike.

  4. "Time Bandits." A boy neglected by his parents is swept up in an adventure featuring several pint-sized thieves who have a map of the universe and the promise of the most amazing treasure in the world. It's odd and quirky and the ending is a little unsettling, but "Time Bandits" is truly one of the great movies for boys.

  5. "Robin Hood." There have been countless versions of the Robin Hood legend on film, from the Errol Flynn version to the Disney version featuring animals in all the roles to the Russell Crowe version that gives the legend a modern big screen treatment. The truth is, that any version will capture the imagination of boys looking for heroes.

  6. "Back to the Future." Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) winds up going back in time and is soon engineering the first date for his parents fighting of the town bully and trying to return to his own time amid crazy circumstances. Fox is perfect, as is Christopher Lloyd as Doc Brown.

  7. "Stand By Me." Rob Reiner directed this adaptation of a Stephen King story about a group of boys who seek out  dead body that is supposedly in the woods outside their town. The camping, hiking and adventures along the way only serve to cement the bonds they experience.

  8. "Swiss Family Robinson." What young boy hasn't dreamed of the deserted island adventure, like that presented in this old Disney classic? Building an awesome treehouse, fighting off pirates, it doesn't get any better.

  9. "E.T." If there is a better movie about a boy and his unshakeable loyalty to a best friend, go find it. This Steven Spielberg gem from 1982 is deservedly considered one of the greatest American films ever made.

  10. "The Karate Kid." Yes, the remake with Jaden Smith was good, and probably cooler to young audiences than the 1984 original. But that first film, featuring Ralph Macchio and Pat Morita, is as a good movie about triumphing over bullies as has ever been made.