The 10 best big animal movies span the gamut from loveable St. Bernards to horrifying lizards and bunny rabbits. In fact, there are so many big animals described in this list that you may need a large garbage bag to pick up after them.

  1. "King Kong" The best big animal movie of all time! Incorporating stop-motion animation techniques, this film was able to successfully combine a science fiction-based horror story with a tragic romance. It also gave us one of the most iconic scenes in film history as Kong bats away combat aircrafts while on the top of the Empire State Building.

  2. "Jaws" It was a toss-up between this film and "King Kong" for the best big animal movie, but the prize went to the big monkey because of its classic nature. Not that "Jaws" isn't a classic. With its haunting theme music, a frightening man-eating white shark and quotes like "We need a bigger boat," this Steven Spielberg film remains one of the best Big Fish films in the modern era.

  3. "Godzilla" A symbol of atomic energy gone wrong, the mutated dinosaur known as Godzilla had an interesting life. Starting out as a villain destroying everything in his path in the very first film, the big lizard eventually became a hero as she battled giant monster after giant monster. Eventually, she returned to being a bad guy who would battle giant monster after giant monster.

  4. "Mighty Joe Young" If "King Kong" never came to pass, this film may have been ranked as the best big animal movie. Released sixteen years after "Kong," "Mighty Joe Young" featured better special effects in creating the giant ape. Unlike his skyscraper-climbing cousin, Joe became a hero by the time the movie was over.

  5. "Beethoven" For some reason, giant, slobbering dogs who tend to break everything they pass make for great movie stars. Such was the case of this St. Bernard who grew from a tiny pup to a saliva-producing animal loved by mom and kids alike. It is one of the best funny dog videos directed at kids.

  6. "Jurassic Park" Forget the sequels to this Steven Spielberg-produced flick! The first "Jurassic Park" movie is the one with the greatest amount of big animals as well as the scariest. Anyone who wasn't sitting on the edge of their seats when the raptors were hunting the kids in the kitchen should probably request an injection of emotion from their doctor.

  7. "Them!" Like "Godzilla" was for Japanese audiences, "Them!" was fo the American public. One of the first nuclear monster and big bug movies, "Them!" wasn't the shockfest that future films would be. In fact, the science fiction thriller won an Oscar for Best Special Effects and a Golden Reel Award for Best Sound Editing.

  8. "Night of the Lepus" Here's and interesting fact: Besides this 1972 movie being about giant killer rabbits, one of the stars of the film was Dr. Leonard McCoy himself, DeForest Kelley. Not that his appearance, as well as that of Janet Leigh, made this movie any better. Still, the movie made the list of the best big animal movies thanks to its giant mutant rabbits.

  9. "Orca" With success comes repetition, which is why "Orca" made a big splash at the theaters just two years after "Jaws" dominated the screen. This time around the giant underwater creature wasn't making general chaos for its own enjoyment. Instead, the killer whale was out for vengeance for the death of its mate and child by a hunter. Needless to say, the hunter is asked to go back and finish the job.

  10. "Tremors" Being that there have been only three movies made about giant, mutant worms, "Tremors" has a place in history. Especially since it's the most famous of the giant, mutant worm movies. The science fiction horror comedy was so intriguing to movie watchers that it produced two sequels, one prequel and a short-lived television series.

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